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About Psymedia

Psymedia was founded in 2010 as a simple blog reporting on the Cape Town music scene. Since then, it has gone through several transformations and new features throughout the years. Our primary coverage includes festivals in South Africa and abroad, festival reviews, interviews with artists, mixes from a wide variety of techno, progressive and psytrance artists, video content, articles and more.

To date, we have released thousands of unique pieces of content and are recognized as influences within our niche on a global level.

Our goal

“To positively promote the electronic music festival scene both locally in South Africa and abroad. Inspire travellers to attend festivals and provide must-read information.”

To date, we have worked to promote many South African festivals including Origin Festival, Organik, Earthdance Cape Town, Alien Safari, Vortex Parallel Universe, Equinox Experience, Vortex Trance Adventures, Synergy Live, Groovy Troopers, The Village, Beartrap, Into The Wild Experience, Love & Light, Rezonance NYE Festival, Boom Festival, Tree of Life and more.

Psymedia readership

  • 50 000 visitors per month on our website
  • 25 000 followers on Facebook
  • 30 000 followers on Instagram
  • 18 000 followers on Soundcloud with 2.5 million plays
  • 15 000 newsletter subscribers

Psymedia event history

Since 2012, we have also hosted 12 of our own events. 2 outdoors, 8 indoors and 2 indoor fundraisers. Our goal is to put on quality events that positively promote all key role players within the Cape Town music industry including but not limited to: the artists / djs, the decor team, the sound team, beautiful venues and more.

Upcoming Events

  • Psymedia Outdoor TBC (2019)

Previous Events

  • Psymedia presents Winter Gathering (2019 at District Cape Town)
  • Psymedia presents Under The African Sky (2019 at Hillcrest Quarry)
  • Psymedia presents Beats & Burgers (2019 at Hometown)
  • Psymedia | Recess pt.3 (2018 at District Cape Town)
  • Psymedia | Recess pt.2 (2018 at District Cape Town)
  • Psymedia | Recess pt.1 (2018 at District Cape Town)
  • Psymedia x MyCityByNight Sunday Funday (2017 at Anura Wine Estate)
  • Raising Funds For Mila – In Memory of Josh Tallie (2017 at District Cape Town)
  • Olmeca presents Psymedia vs MyCityByNight Rematch (2017 at District Cape Town)
  • The Chaddi Fundraiser (2015 at Fiction Night Club)
  • Olmeca pres. Psymedia vs MyCityByNight: FINAL ROUND  (2014 at Fiction Night Club)
  • Olmeca pres. Psymedia vs MyCityByNight: ROUND 2  (2014 at Fiction Night Club)
  • Olmeca Tequila presents: Psymedia vs MyCityByNight Party (2014 at Fiction Night Club)
  • Psymedia – Liquid Transitions (2012 at Dragon Room)