WAO Festival 2024

WAO Festival

Taking place in San Venanzo, Italy, the WAO Festival emerges as a captivating celebration of psychedelic music and culture. The festival spans six immersive days, weaving a tapestry of vibrant experiences for attendees who seek the harmonious convergence of music, art, and community. In September 2023, the festival has just concluded its 2023 edition, leaving echoes of its dynamic performances and communal spirit lingering in the air.

The WAO Festival is celebrated for its dynamic lineup, showcasing top-tier performers in the psychedelic music scene. The festival’s tagline, “Join us for blissful days of psychedelic music,” encapsulates its commitment to fostering a sense of connection among its diverse audience.

For those who missed the 2023 edition, anticipation is already building for WAO Festival 2024 – the 8th edition. As revealed, the dates for WAO Festival are set for August 14-18 2024, promising another transformative experience under the Italian sun. This announcement stirs excitement within the global community of psychedelic music enthusiasts, highlighting that WAO Festival continues to evolve as a beacon for those seeking immersive and uplifting experiences. As the festival progresses, it solidifies its position in the international music festival circuit, drawing attendees from across the globe to partake in the magic of its unique fusion of music and culture.


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