When Vera and George, a couple in their 30s, instead of going to a long planned Baltic Sea holiday end up at a Goa-open-air festival and get to know the musician and DJ Dave, they have no idea that they will embark on a journey that will change their lives. In a succession of trance festivals across borders, under the bright sun between the mountains and the sea, on the road and in small hotels, a relationship triangle is developing, in which closeness and tension, conflict and friendship, hate and love are intertwined.

You are Everything is a Goa road movie, inspired by our love for Psychedelic trance, for the sun, nature and a sense of unity. It is a film about the power of positive energy and the will to seek happiness and to find it.

The Goa and hippie movement has become a global phenomenon; its values and beliefs go back to the ancient knowledge of mankind and are a chance for our future. It is about people who have awoken, got rid of unnecessary restrictions and finally do what they really want.

You are Everything is a declaration of love for the Goa trance culture, but also, finally, a film that displays the electronic music scene not as negative and menacing, but as positive and inspiring. The hope is, that people will put away their prejudices against Goa-trance and electronic music and feel the power and energy through the rhythm, because dancing is dreaming with the body.

You are Everything is planned as a feature film and will be shot in summer and autumn 2011. In order to make the film we are looking for support of any kind: locations, contacts with festivals, financing and also advice and discussion. We will be happy to hear from you.



‘You Are Everything’ at Spirit Base Festival

‘You Are Everything’ (Trailer I)

‘You Are Everything’ (Trailer II)