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Why producers and musicians still need a website


Although social media has changed the way that almost everything works, we need to keep in mind that social media platforms can come and go, as well as question the credibility of the various business/ artist pages that are published on social platforms.

Imagine waking up one day to find out that Instagram or Facebook are no longer allowed in your country, or that the social platforms have changed their rules, which as a result, have a negative effect on how you network with your followers on social media.

We have become so dependent on these platforms, where almost anyone can portray themselves as a professional artist, and artists spend a lot of time engaging with their followers on a daily basis, but why not create your own platform where you, as an artist, depict your exclusivity, expertise and creative freedom?

There are many reasons why musicians should have their own website.

Build and control your brand

Arguably one of the biggest advantages for artists to have their own website is that they are able to have full control over their site.

Social media sites have their own strict terms and also monitor the content that is posted on a page. Imagine the frustration as an artist to find out that Instagram has removed content on your page or worse, deleted your account for reasons such as inappropriateness. With their own website artists are able to build and control their brand in a way that represents their style.

Creative freedom

With their own website, artists are able to design the website exactly the way that they want it to be. Amongst many other things, artists are able to make decisions on colour schemes and design elements that reflect who they are as an artist, providing site visitors with an immediate impression of what represents and embodies the artist.


Having a website will give off a far more professional impression than a social media page, and fans will appreciate the fact that the musician has gone out of their way to create a platform where they are able to communicate and engage with their following.

Additionally, site visitors are able to find relevant information, access music, photos, and find upcoming gigs or tour dates on a website that can be hard to find on a social media page that sometimes require click through to various backlinks. Another great advantage here is that artists retrieve all of the data about music downloads and sales.

Own your content

Some may find it extremely unsettling that any content that is posted on social media immediately becomes the property of the respective site. This is why having a website is probably the best platform to utilize, allocating the musician with all of the rights to the content on the website. This is especially important for artists that post their own music on their website.

Make more money online

Making sales online offer the advantage of not requiring a middle man, and artists are freed of paying commission on sales. With their own website, musicians are able to sell their music directly to their fanbase, offer subscriptions, sell merchandise, livestream tickets and accept donations.

Final thoughts

With the above in mind, it is evident that the advantages for musicians to own their own website outweigh the advantages that social media pages have to offer. A website conveys the musicians brand image far stronger than a social media page ever could. There is really no need for artists to rely on social platforms when they could rather create their own website and dictate their own online terms.

We recommend the following for website creation and website hosting.

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