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vida e caffè launches CBD coffee in collaboration with goodleaf


vida e caffè, one of South Africa’s largest coffee retailers, is continuing to innovate in the coffee space and have launched a cannabidiol (CBD) coffee in collaboration with goodleaf CBD company.

The vida e caffè CBD Flat White is a double shot of espresso with textured micro-foamed milk and 10mg of goodleaf CBD. The 10mg CBD sachet will be available to be added to any beverage on the menu, from hot chocolate to tea to smoothies for an additional R10.00, or purchased separately as a sachet for home use.

Goodleaf CBD Sachet available at vida e caffè

The CBD addition is said to boast a multitude of benefits that complement the benefits of coffee so well. By interacting with adenosine, the same neurotransmitter influenced by caffeine, CBD can further enhance the feeling of mental alertness produced by coffee.

Adding CBD to your coffee is intended to reduce stress, keep you calm, lift moods, focus your mind and help feel more present. Many people have misconceptions and questions around CBD, however our FAQ has some useful information to get started.

The vida e caffè / Goodleaf CBD Flat White is the perfect way to begin your morning with a daily wellness ritual without changing your habits at all. Goodleaf CBD water is also available at selected stores, with 4mg of CBD per bottle. We are happy to see the collaboration, as we consider Goodleaf to be one of the best CBD oil brands.

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