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UK government stepping in to assist music festivals in 2021


Members of Parliament on the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Select Committee are looking to find ways to protect the future of the UK music festival industry – following huge losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The UK is known for hosting several large festivals including Glastonbury, Reading & Leeds, Noisily Festival and more which have all been cancelled or rescheduled to a later date.

The committee has noted that festival revenues have dropped 90% this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and the future is still uncertain.

Furthermore, some festivals might get the green light provided they are able to comply with all relevant legislation. Social distancing requirements will still need to be adhered to which could impact profitability and logistics.

A bunch of large UK festivals still plan to take place in 2021 – with a huge testing regime to be implemented.

“The collapse of the vibrant music festival sector this year is a real cause for concern”.

DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP

He believes UK festivals have helped build a worldwide reputation. Julian Knight wants to open discussion between festival attendees, festival staff and performers to see what can be done.

If you are in the UK, the DCMS Committee is accepting written contributions from festival staff, fans, musicians, local communities, festival suppliers and freelancers affected by pandemic. Please click here to apply

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