Uber Promo Codes 2020

Uber Promo Codes 2020

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Are you looking for some Uber Promo Codes to try and score a free ride? Below you will find a few Uber codes that can be applied to new accounts, and in some instances existing accounts too.

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How to apply Uber promo codes

Below are the 4 steps involved to add a promo account, once logged into your Uber account. Firstly you will need to click here and register an account, if you do not have one.

Uber promo codes for free rides

When you apply the code ubercities you will receive a FREE Uber ride up to R50. Furthermore, once logging in there are several ways to earn more Uber rewards and free rides.

You can also try the codes NEWRIDER25, NEWRIDER18, NEWRIDER16 and NEWRIDER15.


Uber Rewards

Enroll in Uber Rewards to get $5 or R50 in Uber Cash every time you reach 500 points. Earn one point for every eligible dollar you spend on rides and Uber Eats, 2x points on UberX, and 3x points on Uber Black. Terms apply.

Refer friends to Uber and earn free rides

You can get up to $5 or R50 off the next ride you request through the Uber app by inviting friends to sign up with Uber. Once your friend has taken their first ride using the Uber app, you’ll receive the discount on your next ride.

To see your invite code, tap Get Discounts in the app menu. You’ll need to do a bit of work promoting the platform, in order to find friends and family who don’t have the app.

However, if you can find 10 people you will receive 10x R50 or 10x $5 codes to use!


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