Tron from Zero1/Free Spirit/Sounds of Earth – Exclusive Interview

Tron is the solo project of Mexican Patricio Tron. He's been an avid partaker and performer in the psychedelic scene for 15 years, reaching the top of the international touring circuit thanks to his solid productions. Tron's no stranger to collaborations with some of the best, working alongside the likes of Aphid Mood, Dickster, Journey, Earthling and most recently our very own Commercial Hippies on a track entitled Anti Heros.

Tron is the solo project of Mexican Patricio Tron. He’s been an avid partaker and performer in the psychedelic scene for 15 years, reaching the top of the international touring circuit thanks to his solid productions. Tron‘s no stranger to collaborations with some of the best, working alongside the likes of Aphid Mood, Dickster, Journey, Earthling and most recently our very own Commercial Hippies on a track entitled Anti Heros.

Psymedia : Hey Patricio! To kick things off, tell me about the scene in Mexico 15 years ago. How has it changed?

Tron : Well, everything was pretty familiar during that time. You could go to a party very relaxed and the vibe would be super friendly. It was very comfortable, and attendance numbers were not too large. I think that was one of the reasons why I got into the scene. It was such a cool vibe. Honestly, it has grown a lot since then. I think the people aren’t as friendly anymore, however some of them definitely still are. Some of the parties in Mexico are a bit rough, the productions do not cater for the people, but merely for economic gain. You can’t do it all for love, that I know, sometimes business is in order, but not 100% of the time in my opinion. 

Psymedia : How has the sound of Tron evolved since you started?

Tron : When I started I was writing more minimalistic music. It was slower and with less energy. In 2004 when I signed with Liquid Records (UK) they gave me a big push in the psychedelic scene. At the time I was only going to parties in Mexico, but then when I started touring abroad it really got me thinking of other things. Mainly cultural differences, about the Goa scene and music. There was a huge house in the United Kingdom, we called it the Liquid house. It was a memorable place for me and a great place to write music. I spent six months there and it gave me a wider perspective of what psychedelic music was. From then onward, the evolution in my sound has been blatant with every track, or at least I hope! From 2006 to 2009 while I was putting together my second album, I felt it all came into place, and I understood how it should be constructed. Now it’s 2013, and I’m looking for different ways to do things. I feel the evolution will occur in a musician’s work, whether he likes it or not. Life will happen and we all change!

Psymedia : Has your knowledge of classical guitar contributed to electronic production?

Tron : Ah, well this is a hard question. I think it made my ears pay closer attention to detail since I was a child. As a result, maybe my ears were trained beforehand. I am alright with pitch and intervals by ear, but scales and theoretical knowledge has helped a lot in my career. However, I have never played guitar in any of my tracks.

Psymedia : Your last album entitled Biologic was released in 2009. I believe at some point you were considering a follow up? Are full length albums still a viable option?

Tron : Yes, I am in the process of putting it together right now. I believe it will be finished around the first or second quarter of next year. Full length albums are still a viable option for promotion in my opinion. A lot of people are not buying physical copies anymore, so digital takes up a large part of sales at the moment. However, we all want the damn CD, don’t we? At least, as an artist, I do for sure!

Psymedia : It seems you’ve primarily focused on releasing tracks on compilations. Is that fair to say? Any reason why?

Tron : With regards to this subject, I need to add I have been moving from label to label for several reasons since 2010. I have been trying to widen my reach with labels and promoters, as well as looking for a different approach with my third album. It will likely be full of collaborations. In these four years I’ve had my ups and downs, be it professional or personal. So from a few levels, things have been stirred up within, I can tell you that. Right now I am looking into a clearer pond. Not so many ripples. Maybe I can do something now. But the thing about albums, for me, is that I believe it should have a beginning and an end. A concept and some growth, within the album itself, and from the previous album. Right now, I have been looking for  this concept and growth.

Psymedia : What have been your 2013 highlights?

Tron : I have to say the European festival season was great this year. Sonica Dance FestivalOzora Festival (what a blast) and Modem Festival. Those three were super special. The Japan tour was also super great for me. I had an awesome time the whole month I was there. Let’s not forget my travels to South Africa as well, which finished in January. That was certainly a highlight for me. I think right now I am living through the highlight of my life, building my house down in Mexico City (just outside of the city). Currently the kitchen is being built. I’m very energized by this, but the idea of this, kinda gets to me and sometimes and overwhelms my spirit to write music. But its good to lay down and rest sometimes too. Besides for parties, I have also had many additions to the studio, equipment wise. Happy times!

Psymedia : What was it like spending a month in Japan a few months back?

Tron : I love Japan! It’s dangerous on the wallet, since there are so many things to buy! But seriously, the people are amazing and super energetic. Parties are clean and ordered. Awesome locations. A very, very healthy scene I would say. It can be tough at times to communicate, but you can manage if you know a few words and are not too shy to use body language.

Psymedia : Tell me about your work at Homegrown Audio Mastering? Anyone you’ve worked closely with?

Tron : I have been doing mastering for nearly three years in my studio. Two years ago I began remodeling. It has been going well since then. As for the highlights, I wouldn’t know, but I have worked very closely with Wakyo Records, Grasshopper Records, 24/7 Records, Mutagen Records, Blacklite Records, Kupuri Records, GreenTree Records, Zero1 Music, and many other labels and artists who just want to listen and play their own music with better mastering.

Psymedia : This certainly wont be your first time visiting South Africa. What have you previous visits been like, and what can the dance floor expect from your set?

Tron : I think Cape Town is one of my favourite places to play. The scene is very nice and pretty big. It is healthy with some massive events. I have enjoyed every time I have played and hung around in Cape Town. I think people can expect a lot of new music, maybe some oldies but goldies. I have tried to widen my style. Some parts it almost feels progressive, some parts a bit more Goa. I hope they like the variation!

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Tron : One of my tracks will feature on an upcoming Grasshopper Records compilation. It is one of my favourite productions as of late, so don’t miss it. Blacklite Records will release another track, a collaboration with up-and-comer Kachok. It’s a very interesting track, great for the morning I think. Zero1 Music will be releasing a compilation shortly, I think it’s being compiled by Chromatone. Lastly, I’m planning to release EP’s with Sourecode Transmissions and Free-Spirit Records. Lets see when that happens!

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! Anything to add before we finish off?

Tron : Thank you for your interest! Let’s have a blast! 2014, we’re coming to get ya!

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