This year with the help of talented DJs and producers we’ve delivered a plethora of quality psychedelic music in the form of exclusive mixes on our Soundcloud. 20014 was our biggest year as we reached 870 000 plays and 35 000 downloads, making us one of the largest resources for free psytrance. We connected fans from around the globe, with streams from South Africa, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, United States, Portugal, France, Brazil, Israel and more. With just four days to go until 2015, we decided to look back at the top 10 most played exclusive mixes of the 2014.


#10 – Portal – Exclusive Psymedia Summer Sendoff Mix

Since winning the Equinox Experience New Guy competition in 2012, Portal has become a crowd favourite in Cape Town. This year he also joined the Blue Tunes Records family and released his debut track on Spin Twist Records. Before we entered the winter months in May, Portal sent us an exclusive mix in preparation for one of the last parties of the 2013 – 2014 season, Organik Love Project 2014. Be sure to also check out his new Summer Mix 2015.

#09 – Humerous – Exclusive Psymedia Mix

Yet another progressive DJ and producer on the list, Humerous sent us an exclusive 1 hour mix in February which we made available as a free download. Commonly paired with Silo, the two had a big year, releasing their debut EP New Path on IONO Music, and played their first live set mid-2014 at Earthdance Cape Town 2014. Be sure to check out their 20 Years Into The Vortex mix which we recently uploaded.

#08 – Technicolor – Corrosive EP Promo Mix

In July we uploaded a tiny 8 minute teaser showcasing all the tracks from Corrosive, the second EP by Technicolor (Deliriant and Mad Piper) on Spectral Records. Unsurprisingly, the duo’s first exclusive mix from April 2013 has also been gathered 11 000 times this year. Recently we’ve been void of Technicolor sets, but we hope to see some outdoor appearances and releases in 2015!

#07 – Disco Volante – Exclusive Unreleased Psymedia Mix

Although their first exclusive mix from 2013 has been played roughly 12 000 times this year, twilight masters Disco Volante posted a second mix which was uploaded in August 2014 that has already managed to gather the same amount of plays! The mix is also our second most downloaded of the year, with over 1000 downloads.

#06 – Deliriant – Psymedia Summer Mix 2014

A DJ mix delivered by Cape Town producer Deliriant. The 1 hour 10 minute mix featured his latest works as well as remixes and collaborations from Disco Volante, Lost & Found, Abomination, Technicolor, Mad Piper and newcomer Aptitude. With already 12 000 plays since October 2014, we are sure it wont be long until it takes over his 2013 DJ mix, which has 24 000 total plays.

#05 – Rubix Qube – Live & Unreleased Exclusive Psymedia Mix

When we heard the Qube was up to no good in the studio working on some new beats, we managed to secure a 30 minute mix which as a free download. The mix went up at the end of June, two weeks before we had Rubix Qube versus Eqlipse at Olmeca Tequila presents Psymedia vs MyCityByNight Round 2. This mix is also the third most downloaded of the year, breaking 1000 downloads.

#04 – Dala – AuReality: Exclusive Psymedia Mix

Nano Records DJ and label manager Dala always has a fine selection of beats, delivering a signature style of day-time funkadelic grooves. A similar mix featured on mainstream radio 5FM to promote Origin Festival 2014, however we hosted the extended 1 hour 20 minute mix as a free download.

#03 – Lost & Found vs Deliriant – Live PSYMCBN Set

This year we hosted three parties at Fiction sponsored by Olmeca Tequila alongside our friends MyCityByNight. For the Final Round we challenged two South African legends to play against each other for the first time, and boy did they deliver! As a token of appreciation for those we attended, we hosted a 47 minute mix consisting of a proper live versus set, with mashups of the artists original tracks.

#02 – Mr Suit – Exclusive Psymedia Mix

In September Israeli artist Mr Suit returned to South Africa for Alien Safari’s Sprung 2014. After his first appearance at Rezonance NYE Festival 2013 – 2014 earlier in the year, Mr Suit built up a bit of a following. The third progressive mix on the list, Mr Suit’s exclusive mix has been played 17 000 times and downloaded 1000 times since September 2014.

#01 – Deliriant, Mad Piper, Disco Volante – Exclusive Psymedia Mix

Posted at the end of 2013 to celebrate 200 00 plays on our Soundcloud, this epic collaboration of 4 talented South African producers garnered the most plays this year being the only mix to break 20 000 plays. It is also the most downloaded mix with over 1600 downloads. We’re not surprised, considering all the artists have featured in the other spots! We are sure there will be more mixes from these guys in 2015!