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Germany: Antaris Projekt

When? 03 July – 06 July 2015 | View Website

With its upcoming 21st birthday in 2015, Antaris Projekt is one of the earlier parties in the season and known to be a welcoming environment for the whole family and foreign visitors. Even the kids space has an extensive schedule, but don’t think they skimp out on the music as 2014 included Ace Ventura, Eat Static, Juno Reactor, ExtraWelt, LOUD, Man With No Name and more.

 Hungary: S.U.N Festival

When? 19 July – 26 July 2015 | 2013 After Movie

The first edition of the young S.U.N (Solar United Natives) Festival took place in 2013 after a number of the Ozora team decided to split up. The 2014 edition faced many adversities including extreme weather that caused the music to stop for a short duration. Although they are still working out their growing pains, 2015 is on the cards and we are confident S.U.N will become a party to look out for.

 Germany: Freqs of Nature

When? 09 July – 14 July 2015 | View Website

When the Full Moon crew disbanded in 2010, those who wanted to carry on started something new with an entirely different concept. Whilst some of the bigger festivals who were once underground had maybe forgotten their roots, Freqs of Nature has billed themselves a ‘experimental arts and music’ festival. Although not strictly a trance festival, this will definitely provide a different experience from the other German festivals.

Turkey: Tree of Life Festival

When? 23 July – 28 July 2015 | View Website | 2013 Review

Tree of Life Festival began a few years ago by well-known Israeli artist U-Reckon. Although the Turkish festival is relatively new, it has gained interest from psychedelic travelers around the globe. Every year the line-up is uniquely crafted with a variety of psychedelic styles. This year Tree of Life will return to the majestic Karagol Lake in Izmir at the end of July, as it is slightly warmer and avoids conflict with Ramadan. Turkey is also one of the cheapest places to fly to from South Africa (under R6000), not to mention a beautiful country to backpack and explore! This year, we will be attending Tree of Life!

Croatia: Lost Theory Festival

When? 12 August – 17 August 2015 | View Website | 2013 After Movie

Lost Theory Festival has taken place in Deringaj, nearby Gracac, for the last 3 years. Expect a variety of high-tech and alternative electronic music across 5 different stages. Besides for music, the festival has a lot to offer, including opportunities to canoe, bungee jump, discover the valley of the River Gacka, hiking in Paklenica National Park, Nature Park Grabovaca. The ticket allows you to camp for 9 days, so there’s plenty time to do everything.

 Croatia: Momento Demento Festival

When? 18 August – 23 August 2015 | View website | 2013 After Movie

Momento Demento or Mo:dem Festival is our second Croation party near the beautiful town of Slunj. The festival is roughly 100km from the previously mentioned Lost Theory Festival. Filled with natural eye-candy, you can expect waterfalls and old windmills dating back to the 18th century with a little exploring. If you like your Psytrance a bit darker and heavier ala forest and darkpsy, this one might be for you. The 2014 edition featured our own Killer B, Paralocks and Highstyle alongside EVP, Dust, Grouch, Hypogeo, Kronos and Loose Connection.

 Italy: Blackmoon Festival

When? 12 August – 17 August 2015 | View Website | View Video | Photo by Arianna Moroni

The scene in Italy is definitely picking up, with several regular parties taken place and the rise of Italian labels Looney Moon Records and Parvati Records. Blackmoon Festival features 2 dance floors, a healing area, art exhibition and more. The lineup is nothing short of impressive with this year’s bill featuring Ajja, Burn in Noise, Circuit Breakers, Dharma, Dickster, Giuseppe, Hypogeo, Sensient, Sonic Species, U-Reckon and more.

 Germany: VuuV Festival

When? 13 August – 17 August 2015 | View website | 2012 After Movie

VuuV Festival (fomerly VooV) is one of the oldest and biggest of the German parties dating back to 1992, with attendance numbers ranging from 10 000 to 20 000. After a slight break from the scene, the annual festival returned in 2014 with a smashing line up including Astrix, Azax Syndrom, Egorythmia, Hux Flux, Pixel, Waxio, X-Noize and more. Once again our own Carin Dickson (Artescape) plays a role in the decor among some intense lasers.

Hungary: Ozora Festival

When? 03 August – 09 August 2015 | View Website | 2014 Guide | 2013 After Movie

Taking place just after S.U.N Festival, the decade old Hungarian festival Ozora is no doubt on any avid psychedelic travelers bucketlist alongside the biennial Boom Festival. You can expect one of the best lineups in the world, with an extensive range of activities to partake in like lectures, healing temples, international food court and more. One of the best features of Ozora that cannot copied anywhere else is the endless amount of beautiful land.

Netherlands: Psy-Fi Festival

When? 20 August – 25 August 2015 | View website | 2013 After Movie

2014 was the first year Psy-Fi hosted a proper outdoor festival and in 2015 the Dutch festival will return even stronger. With an impressive lineup (including the likes of Ace Ventura, Ajja, Astrix, Atmos, Captain Hook, Liquid Soul, Killerwatts, Talpa, Tristan, Vertical Mode), a unique playground (several beaches and islands that host numerous stages) and two different camping sites (in the forest or by the lakeside), it’s hard to give this one a miss if you’re in Europe. Plus, the thought of hitting some Amsterdam coffee shops afterwards tickles our fancy!

Portugal: Be-In 2015 (Bonus feature)

When? 18 – 21 June 2015 | View website

This one’s not your usual festival and is a unique concept by the Boom Festival organisers, on the Boom land – Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal. Limited to 5000 people, The Be-In program spans across 4 days of healing workshops, spirituality, wellness, yoga, meditation, massages, temazcal and watsu all designed to help nurture your own health, wellbeing and happiness.

Get $25 (R303) off your accommodation anywhere overseas