Tickets aka Josef from Timecode Records has just sent us this killer (and exclusive) 30 minute promo mix packed with goodness for his set tonight in Stellies. After moving to Europe and living there for over a year now, Josef has now returned to Cape Town for tonight’s special gig – Full Moon events presents The Dark Moon. He will be performing as his solo act; Tickets, as well as the duo; Brethren, with his brother; Phyx, alongside local talents Biorhythm, Skarab, Hiyarant, Synchronist and Silver Jack Signal. This mix serves as an epic teaser for tonight’s show, and for any gigs that these talented brothers may land in the future.


  1. Tickets vs Lost & Found – The Big Blue (Remix)
  2. Tickets – Deep Blue Sea
  3. Tickets – Power of Fear
  4. Tickets vs Outer Signal – 254kg
  5. Deedrah – Reload (Tickets Remix)
  6. Tickets ft Herr Lecht – My own private Island
  7. Tickets vs Terrafractyl – Welcome to the Zoo
  8. Tickets – Slayer of the Jabberwockey
  9. Tickets – Existence
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