Since laws in South Africa no longer make it a criminal offense for an adult to use, possess or grow cannabis in your own personal space, many are attempting to grow weed at home.

However, while growing might seem like an easy process (just drop a seed in soil), without the right equipment and knowledge, it’s actually really difficult to grow high-quality weed.

Instead of wasting money on expensive equipment, figuring out light cycles, when to cut and how to cure, The Haze Club make things simple and will grow high-quality indoor weed on your behalf for as little as R485 per month.

Once your plant(s) are ready, which could take 8 – 12 weeks, they will send your cannabis flowers cured and ready to smoke. Yes, you’ll have to wait for them to grow, so a little patience is required.

A few months ago, we started a trial of The Haze Club’s service. We selected the Big Smooth strain from their large clone bank. After a bunch of weekly updates, we received beautiful nugs in the mail.

The Haze Club have a large selection of clones to choose from, dozens in fact, and if you can’t find something on the list that you like, you’re welcome to send in your own seeds for them to grow.

If you are someone who would rather “Set and Forget”, like us, The Haze Club might just be for you.

The Haze Club facility

How the process works

  • On THC website, select a membership package starting from R485 per month.
  • Every month you’ll pay for the space that you lease at The Haze Club’s growing facility.
  • THC will take care of your plant and inform you of the progress every week.
  • Once your plant is ready, THC chop it down, cure it and deliver it to your home.
  • The box is discrete and premium. It’s a nice way to receive bud!
  • Included is The Haze Club branded rolling papers, which is a nice addition.

Win a 3 month trial at The Haze Club

We have partnered up with The Haze Club to give 1 lucky reader a 3 month trial subscription – a full grow cycle! This means the winner will receive a full grow! Sound interested? Just follow the steps below in order to enter.