Technicolor is the combined project of Shane Renew and Peter Lehto. After Peter debuted his Mad Piper project at Zone Festival a few years ago, it wasn’t long until fans begged for a collaboration with Deliriant due to their equally unique psychedelic style. A couple of studio sessions later From the Void was born, but their once off collaboration has led to a more permanent project – Technicolor.

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Psymedia : Howzit guys! To start off, it feels like the music you guys release in your respective projects has been beyond the cookie-cutter stuff. What attributes to that? 

Deliriant : Hey guys, thanks a lot. For me it just happened that way, we each have our own sound, but when we work together we get a little more experimental, and a whole new style emerges.

Mad Piper : Heya! Thanks, I think it’s all down to passion and not having to rely on music to pay the bills. Something weird happens when money is added to the musical equation, you no longer experiment and keep to a previously successful formula.  Also, I believe that over the years we have learned the importance of space, letting the sound evolve, manipulating it, crafting it, instead of confusing your listeners with too many sounds.

Psymedia : Shane, having a space like Freq’ncy Audio to produce in, how much easier does it make to concentrate on the important things when producing?

Deliriant : It’s great, I feel really lucky to be able to work in such an amazing studio, and it definitely helps our production using such quality equipment. Not only that, it’s a good working environment too, there are no distractions and it’s acoustically treated so we can blast it all night without having to worry about pesky neighbours.

Mad Piper : Working in a professional studio instead of a bedroom makes a huge difference to your work flow and quality of production. It’s also great to be able to share ideas and experiment together, sometimes you might not be sure about a certain sound or a melody. Having another set of ears to boost your confidence can work wonders in those late night hours.

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Psymedia : Are they fairly understanding of your career as a producer and at times you need to be flexible?

Deliriant : I have an awesome boss, he’s very understanding of my gigs and allows me to work on my own music when I’m not busy. He actually spent some time in Goa about 15 years ago, dreadlocks and all, so he can relate to what we do.

Psymedia : Speaking of tours, you’re headed back to Portugal in June. Are you excited? What are your thoughts on their scene and what’s it like playing overseas?

Deliriant : I’m very excited about the trip. I’ll be visiting a couple of new places as well – Turkey, Serbia, Prague, Paris and hopefully a few more. Playing overseas is a lot of fun, and most of the parties are top-notch, with a vibe like ours. Of course you get the shady ones, just like anywhere, and sometimes you have to rough it with really long flights, sleeping on promoters’ couches and whatnot, but its all part of the experience, and I really enjoy it. Plus you get to travel and see the country you’re visiting, which is an added bonus. We do have an unbelievable scene in Cape Town though, we should never take that for granted!

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Psymedia : Peter, are you planning to maybe head overseas at any point?

Mad Piper : It is something I dream of and is one of my goals as a producer/DJ to travel and play to foreign crowds. I think once my music is recognized more overseas I’ll be able to plan an overseas tour or a few gigs, fingers crossed.

Psymedia : I believe you’ve got a new EP coming out on Nexus Media. Tell me about that.

Mad Piper : Yes! That is correct. Where to start, it’s been a long time coming, you can ask any DJ or producer I have worked with, I’m very protective about my work and sometimes I’m hyper critical. That being said, I’ve finally finished the 4 track EP that will be released on Nexus Media. All of the tracks on the EP have been tested on dance floors, then reworked a few times to get the best sound quality from each track.

Psymedia : Have either of you considered selling your music directly?

Deliriant : We have thought about it actually, and have been discussing a possible website sometime down the line. We’ll keep you in the loop, watch this space.

Psymedia : Were there any memorable moments in 2013 for you guys?

Mad Piper : There have been lots. I think top of the list would be either playing Jungala Festival or The Village presents Spiritual Synaesthesia. Our Technicolor sound suits more the daylight hours, being able to connect with the crowd and playing more of our anthemic tracks with huge emotional leads and thunderous basslines. Good times!

Deliriant : Before Peter answered, I was also about to say The Village. We played after Digital Talk at about 1pm on Sunday afternoon. To hear our sound that late in the day, when usually it’s more of a progressive vibe, was a great experience. The crowd seemed pretty happy too!

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Psymedia : Why do you think your music works well together with Nexus labelmates Disco Volante ?

Deliriant : We’re big fans of the Disco Volante sound, they have a similar style to us, high energy and full of melody, which we love. Both of us have done a solo collaboration with them (as Deliriant and Mad Piper), but a Technicolor versus track is also in the pipeline.

Mad Piper : We have worked lots with the Disco Volante guys in the past, I think they too have an experimental and highly polished sound.

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Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Deliriant : I have a Deliriant EP out soon on Spectral Records,  I just finished a track with Z3RO which is due for release on Fractal Records,  and there is loads more under construction. We like to keep busy so that our sets are always as fresh as possible.

Mad Piper : Obviously the Mad Piper EP I spoke of earlier, we’ve also started working on our next Technicolor EP for Spectral Records a few weeks ago.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! Anything to add before we finish off?

Deliriant : Thanks again for having us, and keep up the great work. See you on the dance floor!

Mad Piper : Great! We are both huge fans of Psymedia, so thanks for the interview and support.