Avalon from Nano Records – Exclusive Interview

Starting out alongside EVP under the alias Reality Grid, Leon began releasing as Avalon shortly after, working closely with Nano Records. He has also released alongside labelmate Tristan as Killerwatts, and alongside Sonic Species as Future Frequency.

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Pogo from Nano Records – Exclusive Interview

Jamie's yet another old school artist who will play at this weekend's Masqued Ball. Since the 90's he's been kicking it Psy style, organising some of London's first indoor parties and then gradually taking them to the outdoors under the legendary Wingmakers banner

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Nanoplex (UK) – Exclusive Interview

Nanoplex (UK) – Exclusive Interview

The UK project of Nanoplex was formed by two pioneers in the UK progressive techno scene, Ben Coda & DJ Ipcress. Together, their sound edges towards a psychedelic techno vibe, with a sophomore album Digitechture released last year on Iboga Records.

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Headroom (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

It's no doubt Headroom has become a dance floor favourite since releasing his debut album, Artelligent, on Nano Records in 2008. The last few years have seen Adam Metcalfe perform across the globe on a regular basis while maintaining his roots in Cape Town.

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