DJ Osho of Israeli duo Symbolic will return to South Africa at the end of the month for Origin Festival 2016. We’re just two weeks into the new year, but Symbolic have some serious bookings and releases coming up. We had a chat with DJ Osho ahead of his performance at Origin Festival 2016.

Psymedia : How did you and Ilan meet? How did you eventually form Symbolic?

DJ Osho : Ilan and I have known each other since our days serving in the Israeli Army, when we were 18 years old. Ilan was always ahead of everyone in the studio, with the best plugins, instruments, best synthesisers and other studio equipment. He also had great techniques. I was always amazed with his way, so in 2011 we decided to try and produce a track together. Symbolic we never planned, but I guess we had the right flow and the right moment to make it.

Psymedia : You’ve been booked for Ozora and Boom this year. What makes these two festivals unique and the pinnacle of the psychedelic scene? Was performing at these festivals a career goal for you?

DJ Osho : I think for every DJ and producer, playing at Boom and Ozora is a big goal. For us, it’s the biggest gathering in our psychedelic global scene. I think you would have to visit there to understand the magic and the energies you will get. Not only from playing at the festivals, but for partying at the festivals. We feel very lucky to have another opportunity this year, playing at both Ozora Festival and Boom Festival.

Psymedia : Were there any standout events/festivals in 2015?

DJ Osho : Last year was a great year for us. It’s hard to pinpoint one festival specifically, but I can mention a few we had a blast playing at. Hill Top Festival (Goa, India), Sunshine Festival (Japan), Ecologic (Victoria, Brazil), One Love Festival (Switzerland), Indian Spirit Festival (Germany), just to name a few. [editor: most of these are in our best psytrance festivals list]

Psymedia : Tell me more about the label you co-founded, Echoes Records?

DJ Osho : Echoes Records was a label I used to run together with Elad, one of my best friends and a guy with a great taste in music. I used to love doing the label work, managing the releases, promotion and the label bookings. It’s become hard for me to keep doing the label work and Symbolic at the same time so I had to choose what I wanted to do. I had to choose Symbolic and Elad is still running Echoes Records and another label called Take Away, which is more focused on Tech House / Deep House / Electronica.

Psymedia : Has it been challenging running a label? 

DJ Osho : It’s become hard only in the past few years. When we started Echoes it was 2006, sales were still good and it was more reasonable. Over the past years the sales went down and people also stopped buying CD’s, which were big part of the label. It has become more about making it a passion and not as a way of making a living.

Psymedia : What up-and-coming artists have caught your interest lately?

DJ Osho : Outsiders and Waio, I am really enjoying the music these guys are making.

Psymedia : What have your previous experiences in South Africa been like, and why are you excited to be back?

DJ Osho : South Africa is a very beautiful place with great people. I always feel excited when I know that I need to return and play in South Africa. The energies in the parties always in high level, people love to party and I love it! Really looking forward to it!

Psymedia : How would you describe the sound of your Symbolic and DJ Osho set? What can the dance floor expect?

DJ Osho : With Symbolic its hard to define from my side. I always get feedback about the sound and the music, but I think that if I have to try and define it, it will be Psychedelic Trance with Progressive Trance fusion and keeping it not so fast and not so slow with the BPM’s

With DJ Osho set’s I like to experience and try a mix of Psychedelic and Minimal sounds. But I guess the main thing is keeping things always psychedelic

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

DJ Osho : We have a few releases coming out soon, collaborations we did with Zentura, Sonic Species and Sphera, remixes for Zen Mechanics, Vertical Mode, Waio, and some more original tracks from us.