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Six Sigma – Easter Lockdown Mix

Six Sigma is a newly established duo compromised of two of Cape Town’s upcoming twilight / psychedelic producers – Benjamin Loggenberg (Loophole) and Luan Boes (ReFractor). This exclusive mix from the MMD Records act features freshly written tracks and an unreleased remix of Linkin Park’s popular track ‘Crawling’.


1) Linkin Park – Crawling (Six Sigma Bootleg) (Unreleased)
2) Shameless vs Earworm – Simply Complicated (ReFractor & Loophole Remix) (Unreleased)
3) Six Sigma – Waxing Krescent
4) Loophole vs ReFractor – Friday the 14th
5) Six Sigma – G-Force (Unreleased)
6) Alien vs Shameless – Lucy Called (ReFractor Remix) (Unreleased)
7) Six Sigma – Six Sigma
8) Loophole vs ReFractor – Psymatix
9) Six Sigma – Beyond Human
10) Six Sigma – Synthestesia

All mastering done by Sinewave Studios and ReFractor Studios.

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