James Atterbury aka SilverJackSignal from Full Moon Events has sent us a banging promo mix for you guys to listen to, download and enjoy. If you like what you hear – be sure to give his page a like and stay tuned for any upcoming gigs.


  1. Opiuo- Fizzle Tickler (Original Mix)
  2. Chicken Shaker (Sub6 & ON3 Remix)
  3. Hedflux – Revolve (Original Mix)
  4. Silverjacksignal- Anubis Archives (Orignal Mix)
  5. Vice,Tenka- Adrenaline (Origjnal Mix)
  6. Madmind- Snake Oil (Original Mix)
  7. Basic- 10 Years (Original Mix)
  8. Earthspace- M.f.t.f (Orignal Mix)
  9. Sheknikah & Earthspace – Control Yourself (Original Mix)
  10. Freakulizer – Tech No Holic (Orignal Mix)
  11. Mack, Mindfold – Tothelimit ( Original Mix)
  12. Sinerider – Gyroscopter (Original Mix)