Sideform from Iboga Records – Exclusive Interview

Serbian duo Sideform made a bold move to remix Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus in 2013. The tasteful remix boosted their popularity, which lead to signing with TIP Records. We had a chat with Milos from Sideform, to speak about their upcoming tour and EP Vahana,

Serbian duo Sideform made a bold move to remix Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus in 2013. The tasteful remix boosted their popularity, which lead to signing with TIP Records. We had a chat with Milos from Sideform, to speak about their upcoming tour and EP Vahana.

Psymedia : Hey Milos! To kick things off – tell me about your introduction to psychedelic trance in Serbia. What was it about the music and scene that attracted you?

Sideform : Hello! I came across psychedelic trance music and the scene in a similar way to other artists and producers. I was 15 years old and went to some underground New Years Eve party in Belgrade, . It was awesome! Everything was new to me – the music, people, light show, fluorescent paint and décor. All these things combined made an interesting world for me to explore.

Psymedia : In 2006 you studied audio engineering where you met Drasko, your Sideform partner. What was it about your connection that made you want to work together? Were there any doubts your shared passion would not translate well in the studio?

Sideform : Well, it was really spontaneous. We started to become really good friends with a common interest – producing psychedelic trance. We were always showing each other our own music, in order to share knowledge and production tips in the school studio. Eventually we decided we should produce together. There was never a doubt about not being able to work together in the studio, due to our similar musical and production taste.

Psymedia : What’s the Serbian scene like at the moment? Are there any parties to look out for?

Sideform : The Serbian psytrance scene was a lot bigger during the ‘Golden Years of Full On’. At the moment it is very small but slowly growing. There are a couple of organisations who throw parties in cities around Serbia, such as Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Pancevo. If you ever come to Serbia, you should definitely check out Elektro Basta, an open air party organized by the TesseractStudio and Soundscape crew, as well as Wicked Forest Festival  (organised by Wicked Forest crew)

Psymedia : Serbia is building up a top-notch arsenal of artists including Freaked Frequency, E-Clip, Zyce and yourself. Sideform is the also the first Serbian project to sign to TIP Records. Do you see yourself as the wave of artists that could put Serbia on the map?

Sideform : I think Serbia was on a map long ago. The right question would be if I see us, the current wave of artists, as the people that will keep Serbia on the map. My answer? Yes! Serbia has a lot of great, hardworking and passionate producers.

Psymedia : Your remix to Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus, available as a free download, received a huge response. Why do you think so? How does remixing a track outside the psy/prog boundaries differ?

Sideform : Depeche Mode are one of the largest names in the world. Our remix had a lot of exposure simply because it was heard not only by fans of psychedelic trance. Remixing a track outside the psychedelic boundaries can always a challenge, where you can use your knowledge to express your passion for music. Of course, with a goal to make it in a way that other people can recognize the original track, yet at the same time enjoy something new.

Psymedia : It seems like you prefer to release across numerous labels, is that fair to say? How can that be beneficial for your career?

Sideform : Well, the main reason we wanted to release on a number of labels was to cover a wider spectrum of our audience. Secondly, it’s a way for us to research and test out different labels. We like to work with people that best suit our music and enjoy co-operating with us.

Psymedia : Recently you signed to Iboga Records are I believe you are working on a full length album. How have your production techniques changed since your debut? Are you still confident in releasing a full length?

Sideform : That’s correct, we’re officially signed to Iboga Records! We consider it a big accomplishment which puts us in a good place to continue to do what we love – making music. Regarding production techniques, it is difficult to say. Our knowledge is always improving. It is a constant learning process and with every track we make, we try to introduce something new and unexpected. I’m still confident in releasing a full length album, even if it may be ‘smarter’ to release an EP. Maybe I’m old school, but I personally enjoy holding a beautiful CD album in my hands, featuring nice artwork, reading about the artist, whilst listening to his or her music.

Psymedia : Tell me about your side project Makida?

Sideform : Makida is my newly made, more Psytrance orientated side project. I’m working on it with my good friend Nikola Peric (Essex). I’m excited about this project because I’m exploring faster BPM’s, getting a little bit out of the comfort zone of Progressive. After all, my first love was the older Full On Psytrance, before it started to crash into oblivion. In a way I am excited to try get back some sparks of this period, when the music was my life, and try to present it and share it with the new generation.

Psymedia : This will be your first time in South Africa. What have you heard about our scene, and what can the dance floor expect from your set?  

Sideform : Yes, this will be my first time. I’ve heard the parties in South Africa are massive and the people really know how to have a good time! I can’t wait to rock the dance floor with some new tracks and enjoy the party together with a positive crowd!

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Sideform : As Sideform we’ll be releasing a remix of The Second LSDeep on Side Effects debut album. As you mentioned, our EP Vahana just came out today on TIP Records! We’ve also got a remix of Astrix – Type 1 for HOMmega. Of course, we’ll also be releasing an EP in Iboga Records as well as our second album for the end of 2014. With regards to Makida, an EP and debut album will also be out this year, probably around September.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! Anything to add before we finish off?

Sideform : Don’t forget to wear a mask to the ball, see you on the dance floor!

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