Goodleaf CBD Drops 1500mg – 30ml

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The goodleaf CBD oil drops are a combination of organic broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD & MCT oil. Goodleaf hemp extract is organically grown cannabis. It is ecologically farmed, lab-processed, purified and produced under the strictest safety & quality standards.

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8 reviews for Goodleaf CBD Drops 1500mg – 30ml



    This was the first CBD oil product I ever tried. Haven’t bothered with anything else! Highly recommended.



    I was recommended this by the Goodleaf team. Using for a week now and works wonderfully.



    Lasts me two and a half months (daily use), don’t bother with sleeping pills…


    Nicole Pienaar

    I recently ordered this product as I suffer from migraines, anxiety, insomnia and occasional joint pain. I have since tapered off of 3 of the medications/supplements that I had been taking for this and only used the CBD oil. I now sleep better than I ever have, no longer experience anxiety, no headaches and no joint pain.
    The service is also excellent. Fast and reliable and a personal handwritten note. Could not recommend it more! Awesome company and awesome product.



    I have struggled with social anxiety for roughly 5 years (maybe longer at an unconscious level). I have used synthetic medications; urbanol and beta blockers, which were highly effective, but regrettably, began affecting my thyroid. I had turned to a psychologist to help me with breathing techniques and a consistent meditation and yoga routine, all of which helped, but can be time consuming and expensive. CBD Oil had the same immediate calming effect on me as Urbanol (anti-anixety medication) did. I have been consistently using this for just under a month and have had to “play” with the dosage to find my comfortable level. A surprising added bonus was the impact it has had to the quality of my sleep, consistent and enough sleep (although my sleep patterns had greatly improved with meditation). Would recommend to anyone who struggles with anxiety, the calming effect is very similar to the synthetic meds.



    Immediately when I started using the product I slept better. My order was delivered within 1 day of ordering and I got a special hand written card with it. Would highly recommend using Goodleaf and this product!



    I currently use the 1500mg CBD oil product and WOW! Finally a product that has genuinely helped me to sleep better at night and I also feel like I am returning to my “normal”, relaxed, self, after prolonged (years) work stress that has also led to a degree of anxiety. This product works and works VERY WELL. I have tried various other supplements and herbs, from ashwagandha, panax ginseng, L-theanine, etc., all for prolonged periods of time to fully evaluate each, but the Good Leaf 1500mg CBD oil is by far superior to those for what I need it for.

    At first I was skeptical, as it is a fairly high price to try something that I wasn’t sure was going to work, but now I see the product fully worth the price. I convinced my wife to give it a try and based on the results she experienced, it has become part of her daily routine.



    For anyone who knows me knows that I have struggled with sleep for most of my adult life. I have struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep. And anyone who knows what a lack of sleep feels like – knows that I have been walking around like a zombie for most of my adult life. I have tried lavender oil, altering bedtime routines, listening to guided meditations and melatonin pills to fall asleep to fall asleep. None of these things compares to my experience with the Good Leaf CBD oil! I am a sceptic, which is why it has taken me this long to get onto to the CBD bandwagon, however based on my experience I am now telling everyone I know how amazing this product is. Ever since using this product, I have had the BEST and DEEPEST sleep of my life. I fall asleep so easily and I stay asleep – these drops are like magical drops to me – I cannot ever imagine being without them. Aside from the sleep factor, I must admit – I feel an overall sense of calmness, which in these crazy times is an absolute boon.

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