Goodleaf CBD Drops 1000mg – 30ml

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Experience our fast-acting and effective every-day organic oil formulation. Our goodleaf drops are a combination of organic broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD & MCT oil. Our hemp extract is organically grown cannabis. It is ecologically farmed, lab-processed, purified and produced under the strictest safety & quality standards.

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4 reviews for Goodleaf CBD Drops 1000mg – 30ml



    At the beginning of lockdown I decided to include some CBD oil in a Goodleaf skincare and water order. I’d been suffering from sore knees and hips, and thought why not give it a go. Wow, it really made a difference! I’m assuming that it’s related to reducing inflammation in the joints and I really felt the difference when practicing yoga. Very cool, I’d recommend for sure!



    The CBD drops is an excellent product. This is my second purchase and I am extremely happy. I feel so relax and not stress at all.


    Laura Taylor

    I’ve suffered from severe migraines for the last 10 years due to a neck injury from back in my gymnastics days, along with a side on emotional trauma than was nicely suppressed and pushed ever so ‘gracefully’ aside (as I was a strong, independent woman who couldn’t show weakness). ⠀

    Que a long journey with expensive specialists, procedures including my nerves being burnt off (not joking), little acknowledgment of my emotional suffering or the fact that it was triggering the physical suffering, and soooo many hectic pain pills that honestly became a placebo rather than actually helping with the pain or underlying damage.⠀

    I was introduced to CBD via my partner and let’s just say this little bottle of oil began to heal my DAILY pain, manage my anxiety and allow me the mental space to begin healing some underlying triggers, and had me sleeping through the night for the first time in 10 years.⠀

    It’s been a seriously long journey — one that involves balance, a holistic approach to my health, and a lot more emotional healing and rewiring than I expected (considering the physicality of the suffering) — and CDB oil has truly been a turning point and a cornerstone for me. ⠀

    Changed my life.. and my future to come.



    I absolutely love this product – it’s really revolutionised my sleep!
    I’m feeling calm and focused about things that would usually get me anxious.
    I also personally really enjoy the taste too.

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