Brazilian twin brothers Marcos and Lucas Schmidt will be joining us in South Africa for the first time this weekend at Aurora and Nexus Media at the Side Show. The duo have had tremendous success performing under two aliases, Ruback and Wega. Last week we posted their exclusive mix, and now we have an interview to go with it.

– The following questions were compiled on behalf of Psymedia by Evan Greenblo

Psymedia : Hi guys! Tell me about your introduction to psychedelic trance in Brazil. How you began DJing and producing from a young age? When did you release your first signed track?

Marcos : Hello Psymedia! First of all, we want to say thank you for interviewing us. We are very excited for our first show in South Africa. We began DJing at the age of 13, at school, in between classes with our friends. We were using computers and it was just for fun. Small parties started to request us, and everything happened very easily. At the age of 15, we went to Sao Paulo, where we attended production classes. Our first signed track was released 3 months later, on our EP Wega – New Directions, released on Wired Music.

Psymedia : Do you think being twin brothers involved in a career together makes things easier or more challenging? Do you produce individually at all?

Marcos : So much easier! We have the same taste for sounds. We live together and we were born together. So, we are always working at the same time in a deep connection.

Lucas : For example, sometimes I take a seat in the studio and work on some basslines, and Marcos is doing some pads and stuff. We then sit together and work on a whole song. That’s how we roll.

Psymedia : How do your projects Ruback and Wega differ in sound and approach to production? Why did you decide to take on 2 projects?

Marcos :  It’s very challenging. Ruback is a bit slower, darker and progressive. Wega is faster, melodic and fullon.

Lucas : We’ve spent more time working with Ruback, because we are having more feedback with it but we will never stop producing as Wega. We love it and we are always free to try something different.

Psymedia : Do you guys have an individual preferences when it comes to your projects?

Marcos : We have similar taste. But I sometimes prefer deeper things, whilst Lucas prefers something powerful.

Psymedia : How do you feel your productions might progress or change as you grow older?

Lucas : Of course, at the beginning we used to produce more commercial stuff and over the time we started to prefer something deeper and serious. That’s why Ruback was born. It’s always good to seek something innovative and listen to different stuff.

Psymedia : With Ruback you guys have released exclusively on Blue Tunes. Is there a reason why?

Marcos : We’ve been releasing exclusively on Blue Tunes since our first song. They are also our booking agency in Europe. They are very professional and we believe they are the house of our songs.

Lucas : We met the owner of the Blue Tunes whilst touring Mexico. We decided to show him the first Ruback tracks, and then he invited us to release the first EP with them. From there, everything is going well and we are now part of the blue tunes family.

Psymedia : This will be your first time in South Africa. What are you most excited about to see in South Africa and what have you heard about our country?

Marcos/Lucas : We are very excited to play for this awesome crowd that every artist who visits South Africa talks about. It will be surely amazing, a dream coming true!

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Marcos/Lucas : Our new EP is ready to be released, it is called Screenagers EP and it will be released in July. The EP contains 2 songs, a remix to Logica – The True Value and a original mix called Technoholic, a very special track for us.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview!Anything to add before we finish off?

Marcos/Lucas : Thank you Psymedia for the interview! We are very excited for our debut in South Africa, see you guys on the weekend!