Royal Flush is Didy Ezra (Bizzare Contact) and Eddie Zaltsman (Mystical Complex). The Israeli duo recently returned and warmed up our winter at Beartrap Productions presents Mystical Contact, having both played on separate occasions in our city before. It’s only been a couple of months since they announced the project, and without any releases have been turning heads. That changes today, as they’ve got a new EP entitled Sub Zero out on Spin Twist Records, so we decided to contact them and have a chat about the release and trip to Cape Town.

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Psymedia : Hey guys. Let’s kick it off with an easy one. How did you guys meet? 

Bizzare Contact : Eddie and I have known each other for a long time. When he asked me to remix one of my tracks I was happy as I knew he is young and ambitious, and the result was incredible. After that we decided to try and work together on a ‘unique’ track in a different perspective than what we do usually – and that’s how we created Royal Flush.

Mystical Complex : Didy’s old music was one of my biggest inspirations when I was younger, around 15 or 16 years old. His tracks like Peaches on the Moon, Sunrise, and One Day in Mexico to name a few. After spending some time working on my own project, I requested one of the oldest Full On hits ever (One Day in Mexico) and remixed it to my style – the comments were amazing!

Psymedia : Did you ever expect to form a project together, after requesting his track to remix?

Mystical Complex : I never thought I’d team up with Didy, nobody can predict the future, but we really have a great connection in other types of Psytrance, so we started to produce music together and couldn’t stop! We both enjoyed playing and making the music.

Psymedia : So when did you decide to sit down and work on Royal Flush properly ? How long did the EP take to write? 

Mystical Complex : At first we didn’t have a name, and it was the first time either of us attempted writing Progressive Psytrance. I think it took about 6 or 7 months to write the EP.

Bizzare Contact : Since then we are working very hard, exploring new territories and making sure we are not caught in the normal Progressive Psytrance loop. We hope Royal Flush will make an impact since the music is really different. Our debut EP just came out today and includes 5 new and different tracks. We got a huge response from the crowd and massive support from big artists who support our project. The EP is out on Spin Twist Records, which is one of the best (if not the best) label for Progressive Psytrance.

Psymedia : Why start playing Progressive Psytrance now? 

Bizzare Contact : Full On is definitely not on the way out, this I can tell you as a Full On producer. Our idea behind this project was to explore new ideas that we couldn’t do in our Full On projects. Heavy grooves, slow and fat basslines – things you cannot do at 145BPM. We enjoy producing both styles. I will also be releasing a new Bizzare Contact EP soon which is super melodic Full On.

Psymedia : Was it important to first put up a few snippets, to see what people think? And you’re signed to Spin Twist Records now. 

Bizzare Contact : Of course it was important – as a newcomer (in this genre of Progressive Psytrance) the most important thing for me is trying to sound unique. We worked very hard on that perspective and tried to keep everything extra fresh & special. We already have 115 000 song plays on our SoundCloud account that we opened only 2 months ago, so we are pretty happy with the hype that was created around that project. Signing with Spin Twist was a major push for us since it’s a well known label as I mentioned before – and it lets other people who haven’t reached our music yet to know it and hopefully like it.

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Psymedia : You guys played in Cape Town at Beartrap Productions presents Mystical Contact. Plus a couple of tequilas went down the night before at Multiverz presents Perfect Stranger. How was your trip? 

Bizzare Contact : It was my second time in Cape Town – and I loved it. The place, the people.. I mean, it couldn’t get any better. And there are so many Jewish people I almost feel at home. My set this time was more aggressive than the last time, since we started with a slower BPM with Royal Flush and climbed up slowly to more Full On stuff with the Bizzare Contact and Mystical Complex sets. It was a great party – the crowd was amazing!

Mystical Complex : Let me say it like this – CAPE TOWN HAS ONE OF THE BEST PSYTRANCE SCENES IN THE WORLD! Both of the clubs were extremely good, and the vibes are amazing. At both of the parties you can see a lot of smiles, good energies from the people, and that’s what makes Cape Town so special.

Psymedia : Didy, Bizzare Contact is your baby, but your brother joined around 2010. What’s it like working with a family member?

Bizzare Contact : Even when Gady wasn’t officially in Bizzare Contact we worked together a lot. He is a super talented musician and a great guitar player. One more advantage about him is that he’s coming from another genre – he used to have an Israeli rock band. His music taste is very different from mine, and it’s really a benefit when we produce music together in the studio, because some of the main ideas of my tracks would never pop up without him.

Psymedia : And you’ve recently launched a new label, Mainstage Records. 

Bizzare Contact : Mainstage Records is my diamond. Stas from Vibe Tribe (which is another super talented musician, but that’s another story) and I created it in June 2012 because we felt there was something missing in the Psytrance scene. We wanted to create a label that will represent us and our musical direction – and we did exactly that. Since then Mainstage Records has been growing bigger while supporting veteran producers alongside the young talents.

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Psymedia : It’s quite a difficult time to start a label, would you say?

Bizzare Contact : We didn’t start the label to become rich. We are doing this with 100% love and we really do believe in the music we release. We believe that with time the label will recover all the money we spent – it’s just a matter of time.

Psymedia : You’ve been added to the Tomorrowland 2013 lineup. Tell me what it’s like receiving mainstream recognition, and playing at a party such as Tomorrowland? Do you think psychedelic culture belongs in the mainstream?

Bizzare Contact : I think the psychedelic culture belongs everywhere. For me it’s all about ‘Peace, Love, Unity and Respect’ and that’s the description of the Psyscene in four words. It’s great to have a Psytrance stage at Tomorrowland, so we can expose new people to this kind of music and expand our big happy family.

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Psymedia : Eddie, you also just put a track online with Dapanji called IsraTec. When was that done? 

Mystical Complex : The track with Ranji was done about 3 months ago. We made it when it was hot in Israel, with bombs from the Gaza Strip. So we were in the studio for two weeks only creating the one track.

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Bizzare Contact : Of course – our new EP of Royal Flush on Spin Twist Records which as I mentioned is out today, and we would love to spread the word out and expose people to our new project!

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! See you next weekend! Any last words before we finish off?

Bizzare Contact : Thanks for the interview – and I hope to see you again in Cape Town very soon.

Mystical Complex : And a big thanks to Laura (Sway) from Beartrap Productions – the Queen of Psytrance in Cape Town!


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Photos courtesy of Brent Photography and Logan L Photography