South Africa is located in the southern part of the African continent and popular tourist destination. The country features some of the most diverse landscapes with great weather, and coupled with its affordability makes it a great location for outdoor music festivals.

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Festival Calendar in South Africa

Below are upcoming electronic music festivals including techno, house music, psytrance, progressive and more across South Africa including Cape Town, Johannesburg, Garden Route and Durban.


01nov1:00 pm03(nov 3)1:00 pmEndless Daze 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

01nov1:00 pm03(nov 3)1:00 pmTwilight Open Air Festival V16Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Johannesburg

02nov(nov 2)1:00 pm03(nov 3)1:00 amWe Love Summer 7th BirthdayContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

02nov(nov 2)1:00 pm03(nov 3)1:00 amInto The Wild | Electric GardenContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

09nov(nov 9)1:00 pm10(nov 10)5:00 pmOur Minds Festival 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

16nov(nov 16)11:00 am17(nov 17)1:00 amThe Eden ExperienceContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

22nov(nov 22)1:00 pm24(nov 24)3:00 pmEcho Gatherings - Elements of LifeContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:George

23nov1:00 pm12:00 amSexy Groovy Love - The Manor of MagicContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

30nov01decFuture Frequency FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


07dec(dec 7)1:00 pm08(dec 8)1:00 pmGet RealContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

12dec(dec 12)1:00 am16(dec 16)1:00 amVortex Open Source 2019Continent:AfricaCountry:South Africa

21dec(dec 21)1:00 pm22(dec 22)1:00 amLove & LightContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

30dec01janConnexion New Years 2019/20Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Durban

30dec01janRevolution NYE FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Johannesburg

31dec(dec 31)10:00 am02jan(jan 2)4:00 pmThe Little Forest FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

31dec01janKinky Summer NYE FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

31dec01janAlcazar NYE FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


11jan(jan 11)1:00 pm12(jan 12)1:00 amInto The Wild | Raised By WolvesContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

16jan(jan 16)1:00 pm20(jan 20)1:00 pmWolfkop Weekender | Lilo River FlowContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

31jan(jan 31)11:00 am02feb(feb 2)3:00 pmOrigin Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


08feb10:00 am12:00 amEquilibrium FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

08feb(feb 8)1:00 pm09(feb 9)1:00 pmCape Town Electronic Music Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

14feb(feb 14)1:00 pm16(feb 16)1:00 pmEquinox Experience 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

28feb(feb 28)1:00 pm29(feb 29)4:00 amUltra Music Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

29feb01marSexy Groovy LoveContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

29feb01marLighthouse Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

29feb01marAlien Safari Masqued Ball 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


07mar(mar 7)1:00 pm08(mar 8)1:00 amLove & Light MarchContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

13mar(mar 13)1:00 pm15(mar 15)1:00 pmBazique Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

21mar(mar 21)1:00 pm22(mar 22)4:00 pmOrganik Love Project 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

26mar(mar 26)1:00 pm29(mar 29)4:00 pmRetreat Yourself 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

28mar(mar 28)1:00 pm29(mar 29)1:00 pmFuture Frequency Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


04apr(apr 4)1:00 pm05(apr 5)1:00 amInto The Wild | The WoodlandsContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

10apr(apr 10)1:00 am13(apr 13)1:00 amVortex Parallel Universe 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

27apr(apr 27)1:00 pm04may(may 4)1:00 pmAfrikaBurn 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town


30dec(dec 30)1:00 pm02jan(jan 2)1:00 pmModem Festival NYE Celebration 2020/2021Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

Tips For Visiting South Africa

What are the official languages of South Africa?

South Africa has 11 official languages including Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, SiSwati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu.

What electricity Socket is used in South Africa?

230V 50Hz Electricity. Outlets are European Type C Plug and South African Type M Plug. A Universal Travel Adaptor is recommended for convenience.

What currency is used in South Africa?

South African Rand (ZAR)

When is the best time to visit South Africa?

South Africa is a year-round destination due to its varying regional climates. If you’re keen on attending psytrance festivals in Cape Town, summer begins in November and lasts until the end of February, although you can find festivals year-round.

Is Uber available in South Africa?

Yes, Uber is available.

Who is the best mobile telephone carrier in South Africa?

MTN or Vodacom

Who is the best airline for domestic flights in South Africa?

Kulula or Mango

Which is the best airport in South Africa?

The largest airport is O. R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg although you might want to head to Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town for psytrance festivals.