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Poland is a country located in Central Europe. The country features beautiful landscapes, abundant lakes, delicious food and a love for beer. The people are known to be welcoming, one of the friendliest in Europe.

Until 1989, Poland was a communist country, subject to particular rules. Electronic dance music is almost absent from Polish music history during this time. The psychedelic scene in Poland is intimate with smaller crowds found at gatherings. However, there are a number of established Polish artists and festivals keeping the scene alive.

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Tips For Visiting Poland

What is the busiest airport in Poland?

The busiest airport in Poland is Warsaw Chopin Airport

Who is the best telecom carrier to use in Poland?


Who is the best international air carrier?


Who is the best short-haul carrier?


Is Bolt (formerly Taxify) available in Poland?

Yes, Bolt is available throughout Poland. Click here to claim your free Bolt ride.

When is the best time to visit Poland?

June to September is considered the Summer months for Poland. However, you can expect the occasional rainy day and an average temperature of below 20ºC. While some tourists might opt for Spring or Autumn, Summer is the best time to find a psytrance festival in Poland.

What currency is used in Poland?

Polish Złoty

What are the most common languages in Poland?

After their native tongue, English is the second most common language spoken in Poland

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