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Profound – Vortex Awakening DJ Set

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New recording of Profound’s DJ set at Vortex Awakening this weekend, taking the dancefloor on a psychedelic journey during the sunrise hours.


Loom, Via Axis – H13FA
Kontrol Z, Loom – Pathologikal Behavior
Kontrol Z – Choose your Genes 
Cosinus – Mukuru 
Rezonant – Perceptual Magic
Sequoya – On the flipside 
Kabayun – The Great Game
Balliou, Dr Fractal – NN (Unreleased)
Balliou – Shamanic Story
Xs, Initial – Illusion of time 
Psydewise – Purple people
Zz bing – Zipp Woo 
Kabayun, Ingrained instincts – Neural Network 
Hookers – Lost and Found
Shenanigan – NN (Unreleased) 
Shenanigan, Weird Bass – Computer Tan (Unreleased)
Render, Shenanigan – Tiny world
Render, Ninesense – That’s my Work

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