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Pioneer releases affordable HDJ-CUE1 headphones


Pioneer, one of the leading brands for DJ related gear, have launched a new range of headphones called HDJ-CUE1. Not only do they sound good, they come in wired and Bluetooth models.

Starting at just $69 (for the non-Bluetooth version), the Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 headphones offer a budget-friendly solution for DJs without breaking the bank.

The HDJ-CUE1 are less than 250mg in weight, include 40mm drivers, a 90-degree rotatable ear cups and a detachable bayonet-locked coiled cable – which is incredibly useful (as any DJ would know).

The HDJ-CUE1 comes in a variety of colours including black, dark silver, red and white. Furthermore, you can customize the earpads and cables with different colours including pink, green, orange, blue and yellow.

A Bluetooth model is also available for a little more, which allows you to connect to your phone or another device without wireless. However, when you’re in the mood to DJ, simply plug in the cable to make the headphones a wired version – the best of both worlds!

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