Phonophilia is defined as the love of sounds and for everyone at Phonix Records, 8 years into their label’s journey, the love for classic night psychedelic sounds stays true. With that in mind, Gayle Adams, partner and co-manager at Phonix Records, started her own journey to compile this release.

It starts off with Infektion (Bruno Lopes/Portugal) ‘Rage’, an ode to the classic twilight sound. Glitch (Dash Hawkins/ South Africa) steps in to dispel any ‘Misconceptions’ with deep grooves and hypnotic melodies. Phonophilia then travels into the depths of the inner self with L.E.O.F and Ionkhe (Mario Funes and Ivan Lugo/Mexico)’s ‘Nuclear Army’. Next, FinalFlash (Robert Dalton/South Africa) shares the otherworldly tale of ‘Dhampyre’; a beautiful story with bone chilling atmospheres. coRupt (Andre Rossouw/ South Africa) follows up with ‘Strange Fiction’. He helps transition the release to the next level with an effortlessly woven story.

Carefully honed to a razor’s edge, Domination (Ricardo Barreto/Mexico) gives us his rendition of Locked Locker’s ‘Alpha’, picking up the intensity. Killer Buds (Marcelo Espindola and Tarcisio Mainardi/ Brazil) and Dirty Devils (Felipe Vidigal and Emilio Renault / Brazil) take this energy one step further with their powered tale of ‘The Lumberjack’. Among all the chaos and mayhem, ‘The Descent’ into a melodic dimension starts with Earworm (Max Meshiv/Israel). Not to be outdone are Contrast and ReFractor’s ‘Hyper Drive’ (Conor James Steed and Luan Boes/South Africa) – a deeper exploration into the melodic dimension.

Finally, Epitaph (Andres Romero and Jose Novelo/Mexico) featuring Orc’N’Roll (Alejandro Olvera/Mexico) take listeners into a burst of energy with guitar riffs and shadowy melodies. Singularity (Andre Muller/South Africa) explores this realm with his remix of Iron Lotus’ ‘Lotus of Sorrow’ (Daniel Honor/South Africa). Phonix scientist Omega Flight (Derren Nuttall/UK) teams with Twisted Reality (Ben Edge/UK) to present a deranged re-telling of Deliriant’s ‘Truth be Told’ (Shane Renew/South Africa). Their remix transforms this classic into something truly unique. The Phonophilia journey ends with ‘Anechoic Chamber’ by FrontRunner (Marc Le Roux/South Africa) featuring Rubix Qube (Kieron Grieves/South Africa). Beware: the ‘Anechoic Chamber’ will completely absorb any residual waves and whatever is left of listeners with its measured manic chaos.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Phonophilia compiled by Gayle Adams
Label: Phonix Records
Cat no: PHODIGI022
Format: Digital download
Artwork: Paulo Etnarama
Release Date: 5 October 2018



Track 6 Mastered by Ricardo Barreto, Domination Studio, Mexico
All other tracks mastered by Dale Byl at db Mastering, South Africa


Track 6 released with permission from Marcelo Espindola and Josue Guzman (Locked Locker)
Track 11 released with permission from Daniel Honor (Iron Lotus) and MMD Records Records (South Africa)
Track 12 released with permission from Shane Renew (Deliriant)

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