Phixius has been making a lot of waves these days, and it’s great to see him getting booked on a regular basis for indoor and outdoor events in and around Cape Town. Here we have a lekker promo mix for his upcoming set at Organik’s Love Project 2014. If you dig the sound of this, then be sure to catch him playing at the party!  Lineup times still to be announced…


  1. Consciousness – Liquid Soul
  2. Freefall – Skyfall
  3. Disclosure – Lifeforms
  4. Bad luck Buffet – Vertical Mode
  5. Extremly Well – Nitrodrop & Rodger Rabbit
  6. Extraterrestrial – Lifeforms & Egorythmia
  7. Psychological Effects – Symbolic & Zen Mechanics
  8. Welcome to the future – Infinity