Painkiller’s back with a new album! The latest full length by psytrance producer Roy Engel entitled Deep Future veers from previous releases, incorporating a number of different electronic genres. Next month Painkiller will be back in South Africa to showcase his new album at The Village – The Gathering 2015.

Psymedia: Hi Roy, it’s a pleasure to have you answer some questions. You’ve just released a new album entitled Deep Future. How long did it take to put together? Why was it a good time now for a full length?

Painkiller : Hi everyone! I’m happy to present my new studio album Deep Future. It took me over a year and a half to put together, and after many changes I was finally one with it. I have released some other tracks on EPs during this time and I thought it was great, but a full album has its meaning, a story. Besides, it’s a bigger amount of music for the same amount of promotion, and music we like.

Psymedia: Can you tell me about the title – Deep Future?

Painkiller : For me its kind of the melting point between the advanced technological world we’re living in and  the old and strong spiritual world. It’s deep but at the same time futuristic, and in reference to the music maybe sometimes you can feel that you are deep in the future.

Psymedia: How does it differ from your previous LP’s? Have you been a bit more experimental?

Painkiller : Yeah, this album is different with many points in comparison to my previous albums. It’s slower and bigger and involves a serious amount of influences from other genres of electronic music and in general. It is definitely more experimental and less traditional.

Psymedia: There’s an interesting track with Earthchild, who you’ve previously collaborated with.

Painkiller : I realized it’s good for me to produce other genres of music after many years focusing mainly on one genre. Chill out is great for me and Earth Child is an expert at the genre.

Psymedia: You also seemed influenced by drum & bass and dubstep.

Painkiller : True, this time I wanted to express more of these rhythm parts from different influences because I like it myself when I dance. All these genres use psytrance sounds in their music, so why not.

Psymedia: Do you think the older hardcore fans are supportive of some of your more experimental tracks?

Painkiller : I hope so [laughs] I do try to keep my drive throughout the album, even on the ‘different’ tracks. Nowadays everything changes so fast and new styles are born, fade and rise, so I think it’s nice to sometimes add some colour, to give it a twist and not to do only what people expect.


Psymedia: You also perform alongside Bliss as A-Team. Any plans to release a new album?

Painkiller : Yeah, it’s always a pleasure to play with Yonatan Bliss! We grew up in the same “village” and connected with the music. Plans is one thing and we always have a plan you know… A-Team! There’s nothing concrete at the moment, though.

Psymedia: You’ve been involved with Nutek Records since its launch in 2006. Has it been a ride running a psychedelic trance label? How would you describe the Nutek sound?

Painkiller : It still is [a ride]! But it’s a part of the fun and creative side. It’s a big responsibility too. In general, it’s a pleasure to make you dance, and to be a party of the psytrance evolution. The Nutek sound has evolved a lot and contains a larger variety of BPM.

Psymedia: This won’t be your first time in South Africa. What have your previous visits been like and why are you excited to be back?

Painkiller : It is one my favourite spots in the world, for sure. It has beautiful people, killer parties. It’s nature and that special kinda laid back relaxed atmosphere. But at the same time experiencing many things and driving up n down and all around.

Psymedia: Any other upcoming releases you want to mention?

Painkiller : Right now I’m only focusing on my album release. After all this work and dedication some new tracks and surprise collaborations are in process too! The Label has a great release schedule coming up so stay tuned .

Psymedia: Thanks for the interview. See you at The Village! Anything to add before we finish off?

Painkiller : Thank you guys, Psymedia is great, keeps us up to date with everything going on down South! Keep up the good work and we see you soon at The Village, Roy.