Ozora Festival 2014


Ozora is a psychedelic tribal gathering happening on the 29 July – 3 August 2014. The concept is reaching out into the deepest realms of your imagination and displaying, sharing that glorious, that grotesque, that unparalleled treasure you find within is one of the pillars of the Ozora experience.

The experience of a parallel existence created by our diversely coloured dreams and visions of the same pure unblemished space, paradise on earth, a fairy tale realised. A reality where caring for each other, for our world is as important as our love and respect of all Mother Earth’s creatures. A universe of openness, togetherness, where we can evolve towards becoming one with cosmic energies, with nature, with consciousness, with wholeness through dance, trance, creation, invention, transformation and peace.

Ozora is a playground where we learn to share, express and connect, to create and heal, to unify and beautify the world around us and in us. With unfaltering belief we set sail yet again, under the flagship of love and light, together on our journey towards the newest experiences and treasures yet to be discovered in the summer of 2014.



The venue is situated in luscious Ozora Dadpuszta in the Fejer region – only 94 kilometers South of Budapest.

By Road:

Coming to Ozora by car can be an affordable and convenient way of getting there, especially if you fill your vehicle up with passengers. Not only is it cheaper sharing the costs, but your CO footprint is smaller…Double Win! If you have space in your vehicle, please feel free to post your travel plans in our various internet forums to try and fill up the spaces! You can use Google Maps to get detailed directions: open the larger map in a separate window and click ‘Directions’, then change the start address to yours and put “Ozora Dadpuszta” into the destination field.

By Plane:

Flying is no doubt one of the easiest ways to get to Hungary. The capital has one of the busiest airports in central Eastern Europe, which makes it easy to book flights from all over the world to Budapest (capital of Hungary). All major International Airlines land at our main international airport (Liszt Ferenc International Airport). The airport is situated about half an hour away from the city center.

By Festival Shuttle Buses:

This year, just as in the two previous years, the AirportShuttle-Minibusz will be launching shuttles from Budapest Airport to Ozora and back from Ozora to Budapest Airport. The Ozora Shuttle ticket price remains 30 EUR for this year. As they are the Official Transfer Service of Budapest Airport, the shuttles depart from the terminals’ main entrance and take you to the main gates of Ozora Festival.

Click here to book your seat!

By Railway:

If you choose to travel to Ozora by train, there is a cheap regular train service (with extra carriages) to Simontornya many times a day. The Party Bus Shuttle will be waiting for you there to take you to the gates. Trains depart from Déli Pályaudvar (Déli pu. = Southern Railway Station) and usually stop at Kelenföld Railway Station in Budapest. For more info please check:  elvira.hu (website and route planner of the Hungarian Railways – put ‘Budapest-Déli’ to ‘Simontornya’ and tick ‘direct connections only’)

Public Transportation in Budapest:

Public transport tickets in Budapest are between 1-2 Euros. Bus number 200E runs between the 2 airport terminals. Click here for further information on public transportation.



The festival’s bazaar scene is an important symbol and one of the most vivid and lively spots in Ozora. It’s international, multicultural, wildly diverse, yet unified in nature. At the market you can find handmade gifts, clothes, jewellery, clothes and accessories. This place often resembles a gastronomy workshop as it  offers festival-goers the opportunity to experience Thai, Indian, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, Israeli, Mexican, African and naturally Hungarian cuisine.

The artisan bazaar introduced in 2012 is an area for artisans and creators of handmade goods, bringing to life a bustling magical fair. Limited space is available and registration takes place on site at the festival’s info point.



The labyrinth is an adventure of its own at the festival. Every year you can lose yourself in a maze of different paths and discover new secrets, ideas and surprises, surrounded by rustling corn stalks. This year the labyrinth unfolds again as an extra visual and mental experience, through which you can step out from time and space in a creative and active way – especially during the random labyrinth hours when it comes alive.



“The Wheel of Wisdom symbol is ancient, thousands of year prior the American Indian us of it. It has been seen on Rhodesian cliff dwellings that are 40,000 years old. It has appeared in just about every culture throughout the world. Tibetan Buddhists call it mandala. It can be seen in the Celtic cross. Everywhere it appears, it has a similar function: that of teaching wisdom and expanding consciousness. American Indians used it as a teaching tool, enabling them to pass on their rituals and traditions orally through the use of the symbol. For them, Medicine means Wisdom. Through the symbol is significant, the reality it is pointing to is even more so.”

The wheel of wisdom will be presented again this year by Dr. Sally Torkos and Professor Bela Torkos at the magic garden. Each year they improve & refine the program, following their goal to provide an effective guideline for participants to develop themselves into more conscious human beings. They are motivated to teach the Wheel of Wisdom course because they believe humans are at an evolutionary crossroads in consciousness and are facing world changes (economically, ecologically, politically) that they may jeopardise the continued survival of the species. For example, many modern humans are extremely disconnected from your life-source, their planet earth. Because of this disconnection, they are often unaware of any ecological crisis and their contribution toward it; or if aware, often do not know what to do about it. Following the eco psychological perspective, Dr Sally & Professor Bela  feel the ecological problem is a psychological one and the Wheel of Wisdom Course was developed to address this problem through inspiring creative, evolutionary, and intelligent thinking to develop new ways for humans to live together, which are cooperative, sustainable, and above all, conscious.



Trance parties and modern juggling emerged at about the same time and have both come a long way in the last two decades, fire-juggling and goa trance spreading hand in hand. As the original music and art concept evolved into new styles within trance culture, juggling grew out into object manipulation and ‘the real circus’, involving bigger and bigger crowds. This evolutionary process that encompasses the whole world has also had a strong impact on the traditional circus, bringing a new dawn in the profession reliving its renaissance together with many other trance culture related fields of art.



The spiritual “mind and body” techniques play an important in psychedelic goa culture. During the festival the pyramid becomes home to a world of dance styles and movement-based exercises. The building is as compelling as its name suggests. Although far from competing with the mystical wonders of ancient Egypt (though similarities do exist as its oriented the same way as the great pyramid of Giza), the simple geometric shape of squares, triangles, circles and curves, the wooden materials used and its open construction provides a natural comfort that cannot be found in any gyms, thus greatly adding to the experience of the exercise. From morning till dusk, experienced professional trainers and masters hold group activities and teach beginners and intermediate participants alike. The emphasis is on enhancing creativity and body-consciousness, regardless of age and sex. The colourful schedule gives the festival-goer many options to try out and learn new movement techniques, dance styles, or learn to cooperate with others during an improvisational session. Ashtanga, jin, vinjasa, kunalini, acro yoga, pilates and chi kung, scared, tribal and Javan belly dance techniques will be available for you this year. Look out for the Pyramid in the Magic Garden!



Pumpui is an entity on its own within Ozora. Pumpui has always been more than a simple location. It is a manifold communal space – for having breakfast, relaxing, snacking, and getting your daily cinematic input. It is also traditionally where you can experience the best before and after partying. Another one of the crew’s important roles is making official Ozora movie every year and they have even travelled to Goa to being you even closer to the sources of the spirit.



  • Ace Ventra
  • Ajja
  • Ankur
  • Antispin
  • Astral Projection
  • Atoned Splendor
  • Audioform
  • Aurafood
  • Braincell
  • Celli
  • Chromatone
  • Chris Rich
  • Cosmo
  • Dataura
  • Deedrah
  • Dick Trevor
  • Dolphin
  • Dr. Space
  • Dust
  • Earthspace
  • Easy Riders
  • Egorythima
  • Electrypnose
  • Enichkin
  • Everblast
  • Fagin’s Reject
  • Fasma
  • Goatika
  • Gorgo
  • Grouch
  • Haldolium
  • Hatta
  • Headroom
  • Hruscsov
  • Ianuaria
  • Janux
  • Jonas Goa
  • Justin Chaos
  • Kalumet
  • Koxbox
  • Kloud Nin9
  • Krumelur
  • Magusa
  • Magoosa
  • Lorraine
  • Martian Arts
  • Mircodot Vs Riff Ruff
  • Nigel
  • Nuky
  • Ozric Tentacles
  • Poli
  • Psilocybian
  • Psionic Entity
  • Raja Ram & Chicago
  • Rastaliens
  • Rocky
  • Scorb
  • Shotu
  • Sinerider
  • Solar Spectrum
  • Sourone
  • Southwild
  • Spectra Sonics
  • Stars Sounds Orchestra & Irina Mikhailova
  • Touch Tone
  • Toxic
  • Tristan
  • Tsubi
  • Uru
  • Virtual Light
  • Waio
  • Whiptongue 
  • Xpiral
  • Yab Yum
  • Zen Mechanics
  • Zentura


  • Abdeljalil Kodssi & Atlas-Austria Express
  • Amanantu
  • African Head Charge
  • Fatima Gozlan & The Khamsa Tribe
  • Felix Lajko and His Band
  • Gayan Uttejak Orchestra Limited
  • Grabanc
  • Korai Orom
  • Ilhaam Project
  • Man Ex Maqina
  • MantisMash & Nodens Ictus
  • Matsumoto Zoku
  • Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
  • Operentzia
  • Ott & The All-Seeing I
  • Shanti People
  • Wild Marmalade feat. Paul George & Udi Ben Knaan


  • Benny Ill
  • Bill Robin
  • Brando Lupi
  • Celt Islam
  • Dj Fada
  • Dj Nod
  • Dymons
  • Experimental Sound Project
  • Hadron Orchestra
  • Higher Intelligence Agency
  • IshDub
  • Josko
  • Maha Sun
  • Mixmaster Morris
  • Mental
  • Nova
  • Nuno
  • Pat Flanders
  • Spectralite
  • Sukhush
  • Tale
  • Tania & Ajja
  • Tengri
  • Tripswitch
  • Tsubi in Dub
  • Vlastur meets Irina Mikhailova
  • Wave Shaper
  • Youth
  • Zen Baboon



In this selection we highlight a few of the perhaps slightly less well-known artists that we think are sure to impress. Yes we all know the big names and they do always deliver, but in this group of artists lays potentially the surprise package of your Ozorian adventure.


Audioform (a.k.a. Pan) from his early days was involved in music, he played guitar, bass & keys in various bands with various music styles. From punk-rock, ska, hard-rock, metal, space-rock to blues & funk. But it wasn’t until he had his first psychedelic experience back in the ’90’s, when he was completely astonished by the magical textures & mind bending growly sounds that jumped out of the speakers , tap you in the back , laughed in your face and then subsequently vanished again just to leave you wondering.

The first step was acquiring synthesizers, once this happened, a whole new world of sound & possibilities unfolded for him. Ever since then he’s been locked up in the studio crafting his sound steadily. After releasing some tunes on Ovnimoon Records, he has joined forces with the mighty Blacklite Records and is ready to unleash some serious tunage. His music style is deeply mystical yet fresh and pure in its origins.


Matheus Nogueira is the thinking head behind Earthspace. Today he is part of Nuact Productions, one of the biggest psy crews from the north-east of Brazil. Currently Earthspace is collaborating with two well respected and growing labels, the Brazilian Mosaico Records and the Italian Blacklite Records. In the past few years he has released with on both these labels and had success with two great EPs, “Wavematters” (Mosaico Records) and “Evolutionary Step” (Blacklite Records). Earthspace has already been involved in huge events across Brazil and Europe. His sound has been accepted and adored as his presence globally continues to grow.


Martian Arts aka Disco Hooligan is, Nectarios Meidanis. A BSc certified audio tech engineer and sound designer aficionado that loves psychedelic music. He has been releasing music under various projects on different labels such as Neurobiotic Records, Goa Productions and Mutagen Records for awhile now. Inspired by riffs of yesterday, he pushes forward in new styles constantly striving for new sounds to excite and intrigue the dance floor.


Austin Matkin, also known as Poli, originally hails from Memphis Tennessee. This southern comfort moved across the Atlantic to Amsterdam at the sweet age of 16 where he quickly immersed himself into the psychedelic psytrance scene.

In 1994, Poli went to the VuuV festival and experienced his first proper Goa party which solidified his love of music and ignited his creativity. Alongside some friends, Poli helped found Spun Records and in 2006 released his first album called “Electric Wonders”. Some of his influences include X-Dream, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Hallucinogen, Slinky Wizard, Eat Static & Tristan. Poli has been systematically rocking dance floors in the US club scene from LA to NY and jumping continents to play underground parties and festivals such as Brazil´s Transcendence and Japan´s Solstice. Poli is now an artist and resident DJ at Zero-1 music where you can expect to see future releases. Previous releases include his Busted EP on Zero-1 music as well as tracks featuring on compilations on Mainstage, Spun and United Beats Records.


The art of sound programming was never so much attractive and fun… so close, so there… but yet… so far away. Something unknown and the mysteries of the unseen can be described with sounds, atmospheres and rhythms. Dark, joyful, sad, mellow and calming, Psilocybian defines the future in the moment of playing, because music is his alchemy.

Psilocybian already has three released albums and several compilation tracks behind him. His first album Wry Figments came out on Ovnimoon Records in 2010 and was followed by Brain Dissolver on Hyperflow Records. The third album Dreamtime was released recently on 15th October 2013 on Ovnimoon Records. The new album is pure genius, complete mind captivation at its finest.


Jay is an electronic music producer and mastering engineer originally from the south (wild) Black-Forrest in Germany and now based in Toronto/Canada where he has his studio. Together with his friend Ralph (Braincell/Solar spectrum) he founded the psychedelic trance project Rastaliens about more than 13 years ago. Rastaliens received worldwide recognition for their very unique style after years of touring.

Southwild is Jay’s new project and in 2010 he joined the UK based label Wildthings records, which is already a solidly established label providing only the most positively twisted psychedelica. Southwild has just released his debut EP ‘4 Crazy Legs’ on Wildthings records as well as tracks which feature on compilations released by Wildthings, Mind Funk, looney Moon and Peak records.