Blacklite Records’ Nukleall recording from Vortex Open Source 2017

Ale Mistretta a.k.a. Nukleall is a psytrance music artist and label manager of Blacklite Records, as well as sound engineer for Blacklite Studio.

Nukleall has always been into electronic music and he started getting involved in the psytrance scene in 1996, when he visited london for the first time.

He started DJing in 2001 and music production in 2006. The satisfaction of being able to express himself through music and playing his music live pushed Nukleall to develop his solo project in 2008.

The need to expand and share his musical skills encouraged Nukleall to start working with other artists and to develop 4 different psytrance projects: Junesix, Ghost Signal, Barkode and Rack Riders. Tracks by them have been released by several international music labels nowadays.

Nukleall’s style has been defined as morning psytrance music with a fat and groovy dancing vein, tightly balanced with a strong psychedelic atmosphere.

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