It’s almost the end of 2019! Are you looking for something exciting to do over New Years Eve? One of the best ways to celebrate the occasion is with an electronic outdoor music festival.

Below, you will find several 1-day and multiple-day festivals occurring across South Africa, Brazil, Guatemala and Thailand.

New Years Eve Festivals in Cape Town

31dec(dec 31)10:00 am02jan(jan 2)4:00 pmThe Little Forest FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town Performer: Black Noise, Imaginarium, Loom, Rinkadink, Slide, Sonic Entity

31dec01janKinky Summer NYE FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town Performer: Robosonic, Matthew Mole, Till Von Sein, Djuma Soundsystem, Boogie Vice

31dec01janAlcazar NYE FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Cape Town

New Years Eve Festivals in Durban

29dec01janSmoking Dragon FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Durban

30dec01janConnexion New Years 2019/20Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Durban Performer: Hippie Mafia, Bernz, DJ Bruce, Dan Scot, PlusMinus

31dec01janUnyaka NYE Festival 2020Continent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Durban Performer: Faithless DJ Set (UK), Ranji (Israel) and Shapeless (Brazil)

New Years Eve Festivals in Johannesburg

30dec01janRevolution NYE FestivalContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:Johannesburg Performer: Ranji, The Commercial Hippies, Deliriant

New Years Eve Festivals in George

29dec(dec 29)1:00 pm02jan(jan 2)1:00 pmFreaky Forest New Years EveContinent:AfricaCountry:South AfricaCity:George

New Years Eve Festivals in Brazil

27dec(dec 27)1:00 am03jan(jan 3)1:00 amUniverso Paralello Festival #15Continent:South AmericaCountry:Brazil Performer: Zyce, DJ Lucas, Waio, Virtual Light, Headroom, Grouch, Dirty Saffi, Dickster, Protoculture, Burn in Noise, Astrix, Mad Tribe

27dec(dec 27)1:00 am03jan(jan 3)1:00 amReveillOz #6 - 2019/20Continent:South AmericaCountry:Brazil

28dec(dec 28)1:00 pm02jan(jan 2)1:00 pmFestival Terra AzulContinent:South AmericaCountry:Brazil Performer: Space Tribe, Altruism, Protoculture, Etnica, Fungus Funk, Dickster, Talamasca, Burn In Noise, Melting Point, Circuit Breakers

New Years Eve Festivals in Thailand

30dec(dec 30)1:00 pm02jan(jan 2)1:00 pmThe Experience Festival 2019-2020Continent:AsiaCountry:Thailand Performer: Egorythmia, Filterheads, Ghost Rider, K.i.M, Tron, Dala

New Years Eve Festivals in Guatemala

29dec01janCosmic Convergence FestivalContinent:Central AmericaCountry:Guatemala Performer: Perfect Stranger, Bluetech, Emok