Music Production

Looking for music production tips? Read through our different guides to help you buy the right equipment.

Music Production

9 Best Synthesizers For Your Studio

While software synthesizers have risen in the music production world, nothing beats a hardware synthesizer for creating music in the studio.

Music Production

Best Studio Monitors For Home Studios

If you’re making music as a producer or mixing music as a DJ, one of the most important pieces of gear you will want to invest in is your studio monitors.

DJ Equipment

Best Earplugs For Musicians, Clubs, Festivals

Ever had buzzing, ringing or numbness in your ears after you’ve had a night out? That could be a sign of permanent damage and it might be time to purchase the best earplugs for clubs and festivals.

Music Production

Best Computer For Music Production

Don’t feel like the hassle of building your own computer? Want to find a pre-built PC that is perfect for music production? Here’s our top picks off the shelf.

Music Production

Best Chairs For Music Studios

Are you over back ache associated with long hours in the music studio? As a music producer, spending money on the best chair is one of the best investments you can make.