Militant is the solo DJ and production project of Andre Muller. He began his DJ career roughly a decade ago, and in 2012 Andre also played an important role in the formation of Kaos Krew Records, a label he is still affiliated with. Last month we released Militants first exclusive mix for Psymedia, and this month we’ve got another fresh unreleased mix to treat your ears!


  1. Glitch Vs Militant – We Are Strange People
  2. Militant Vs Solar Axis – Untold Stories
  3. Militant – Dreams
  4. Militant – Source Code
  5. Militant – Acidic Freak FINAL Edit
  6. Deliriant – Anti-God (Militant KAOS Edit)
  7. Militant – Insomniac FINAL
  8. Ex-Gen – Zombification (Militant RMX)