Into the Wild Experience represents a new breed of daytime parties in Cape Town. In just 2 short years these creatives have thrown over 7 events and cemented themselves on the Cape Town outdoor calendar.

From their vision to musical policy, Into the Wild Experience are doing things differently. We had a chat with Troy & Max, to tell us a little bit more about their journey as Into the Wild and their upcoming Raised By Wolves edition on the 13th of January 2018.

Hi guys. Let’s get straight into it. What’s the vision behind Into the Wild? Tell us a bit about having both techno and progressive psytrance in your festival. 

We at Into the Wild have the vision to bring techno & progressive psytrance together, an idea not too foreign in today’s global music scene, as we see many big European festivals having dance floors for both genres.

What we don’t often see though, is the merging of the two genres on one dance floor, yet nowadays so much of the progressive is heavily influenced by techno. It’s not as easy as booking a hand-full of techno and progressive acts, putting them on the same line up together, and expecting a smooth transition to magically transpire. This is never going to happen.

I think in Cape Town, we have seen techno in some psychedelic parties over the years act as a buffer, often featuring as the opening set before diving into the psytrance. We alternatively look to showcase both genres equally, with the same number of sets going to techno artists as to those playing progressive. We also like the contrast of having progressive music at night, something quite rare after sunset at most festivals.

What do you look for when booking an artist to perform at one of your festivals? 

We look between the lines. Who is producing and playing the most unique music, whether it be psychedelic inspired techno, or techno fueled progressive, uniqueness catches our attention.

We also listen to a lot of music ourselves, so we are very in-tune with who’s at the peak of their powers, and above all else who’s currently getting dance floors moving. So I’d say it’s a healthy combination of fitting our musical direction, and having that certain effect on the dance floor. It’s hard to describe, but when particular artists perform, you experience this energy shift. There’s something in the air, that’s what we after.

Obviously the quality has to at the highest level too, we only usually feature 9 acts on a line up for our day festivals, so these acts have to be hand-picked artists who are really pushing the boundaries and delivering performances the dance floor will remember.

How important is musical progression to you guys?  

Progression is one of our highest priorities, so we start with that easy going, smooth operator, cheeky edged kinda techno, and then slowly wonder into the dirtier, chunkier, lay it all down on the dance floor sort of sound. A common trend you will always notice throughout is grooviness though, as we as a brand see music as a playful medium, and want the sonic journey within our festivals to reflect that belief.

Run us through your musical policy of having artists play extended sets, usually around 2 hours in length, and why you opt not to have more artists on your line ups instead? 

The reason why we don’t feature more artists per event is inherently linked to never wanting to compromise the quality of our line ups. It’s true we live in an environment where some are impressed by a line up with more names on it, perhaps they feel they are getting more for their money, even though they don’t know who half of those names are on a big line up.

We believe less is more, and we refuse to stray from our long set policy, which was one of the first underlying principles of the brand when it was formed. It’s long sets and only the best musical magicians, that’s the recipe, and it ain’t gonna change.

Both foundering members of Into the Wild are artists, and having this insight definitely impacts the decisions we take regarding the structure of the musical platform we create. We both personally know how rewarding it can be to play a long set, we also understand the challenges faced by artists when having to play a shorter set, often trying to include too much in their limited time, sometimes losing flow and direction.

We always had the vision to create a sanctuary of sound, an environment where you can come hear your favourite artist really let loose and play everything they have, or even better discover a new favourite artist in this sanctuary!

When is your next event, and which international act will you be bringing down? 

13 January we host Raised by Wolves, our summer edition of Into the Wild. We are joined by the musical genesis of Perfect Stranger who has a new album ‘11’, soon to be released on Iboga Records, celebrating 11 years of creating perfectly stranger music. The progressive maestro will also be playing a techno set as Yuli Fershtat, synonymous with playing some of the top sets in Boom & Ozora in recent years. We say this with a great deal of confidence having been lucky enough to see him perform at both.

When conceptualising this nature party of ours, we formed a list of artists we most wanted to perform at Into the Wild, Perfect Stranger topped the list, Talpa was up there in the top 3, and the third is booked for next season, so musically I think the direction is good. We will continue to bring down unique acts to colour the space of the forest for you all.

The Into the Wild venue seems to be ever changing, what have you got planned for January? 

We will continue clearing different sections of our forest home before each event, adding new features to the landscape each time, such as the lookout balcony we built for Moon Child in September. We have two main changes we will be concentrating on implementing in time for Raised by Wolves in January. More on this will be revealed closer to the event.

We would like to thank everyone behind this project who believe in what we doing, and to all our wildling supporters for being apart of the journey thus far. It’s going to be quite something to look back on in a few years, with many memories made and epic moments shared on that dance floor, surrounded by nature and inspiring musical journeys.

What do you place the most value on when producing an event? 

Above all else we value being different, we don’t mind taking risks, as we believe playing it ‘safe’ with the same look and feel as other festival experiences is the biggest risk of them all. Only through doing something new can we grow, and create something truly wild.

Thanks for the interview, see you at Into the Wild Raised by Wolves 2018! Anything to add before we finish off?

We felt very grateful after the last event, as the venue was left in such good condition, we managed to recycle almost everything, and these small conscious efforts by the crowd to help us be responsible really are motivating, so a big thank you! We look forward to returning in the new year with renewed energy to produce something special with you once again.

13 January 2018 – See you in the forest.