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Into the Wild Experience represents a new breed of daytime parties in Cape Town. In just 2 short years these creatives have thrown over 8 events and cemented themselves on the Cape Town outdoor calendar.

Into the Wild Experience represents a new breed of daytime parties in Cape Town. In just 2 short years these creatives have thrown over 8 events and cemented themselves on the Cape Town outdoor calendar.

From their vision to musical policy, Into the Wild Experience are doing things differently. We had a chat with Troy & Max, to tell us a little bit more about their journey as Into the Wild and their upcoming The Woodlands edition on the 12th of May 2018.

Hi guys. Let’s get straight into it. What’s the vision behind Into the Wild?  

‘To create a sanctuary of playful abandonment that showcases only the finest progressive trance and techno, both grown locally and imported. A land filled with naturally crafted art installations, vibrant visuals, and unique musical journeys.’

This was the first conceptual mission statement we ever put into words, and we’re happy it’s in line with what ITW has become today.

What do you look for when booking an artist to perform at one of your festivals? 

We look between the lines. Who is producing and playing the most unique music, whether it be psychedelic inspired techno, or techno fueled progressive, uniqueness is everything.

We also listen to a lot of music ourselves, so we are very in-tune with who’s at the peak of their powers, and above all else who’s currently getting dance floors moving. So I’d say it’s a healthy combination of fitting our musical direction, and having that certain effect on the dance floor. It’s hard to describe, but when particular artists perform, you experience this energy shift. There’s something in the air, and it’s this magic we try to capture!

How important is musical progression to you guys?  

Progression is really important, to take the audience somewhere meaningful I think the progression has to be subtle and thought-out, this is the sonic highway, the space vehicle to intergalactic musical freedom. I’d say in terms of music the only thing we value more than progression is keeping a psychedelic element present, from the techno and into the progressive, tying the experience together.

Run us through your musical policy of having artists play extended sets, usually around 2 hours in length, and why you opt not to have more artists on your line ups instead? 

The reason why we don’t feature more artists per event is inherently linked to never wanting to compromise the quality of our line ups. It’s true we live in an environment where line ups with more names on them can appear to be more attractive , but this can be often be short sited, in many cases, this reduces the overall quality of the line up, and simply distorts the intended musical intention of the experience.

We believe less is more, and we refuse to stray from our long set policy, which was one of the first principles of the brand when it formed. It’s long sets and only the best musical magicians, that’s the recipe, and it ain’t gonna change.

Both foundering members of Into the Wild are artists, and having this insight definitely impacts the decisions we take regarding the structure of the musical platform we create. We both personally know how rewarding it can be to play a long set, we also understand the challenges faced by artists when having to play a shorter set, often trying to include too much in a limited time, sometimes losing flow and direction.

We always had the vision to create a sanctuary of sound, an environment where you can come hear your favourite artist really let loose and play everything they have, or even better discover a new artist in this boundless atmosphere.

When is your next event, and which international act will you be bringing down?

12 May we host The Woodlands, our anniversary edition of Into the Wild. We welcome the crisp sounds of Iboga Records maestro Sphera, who is currently working on his debut album and has collaborated with the likes of Rocky, Ritmo, Egorythmia, Symbolic, Perfect Stranger & Human Element. This will be his first time in South Africa, and he will be performing a special 3 hour set, featuring a 1h30m Live set and a 1h30 DJ set.

We maintain the minimalistic smooth teched out progressive musical style from our previous edition, with the belief that this clear direction and focused intent will be felt on the dancefloor and set ITW apart as a niche sounding festival. We will continue to bring down unique acts, with a few more first time international performances in the pipeline for this coming year.

The Into the Wild venue seems to be ever changing, what have you got planned for May? 

We will continue clearing different sections of our forest home before each event, adding new features to the landscape each time, such as the lookout balcony we built for Moon Child in September, and the towers on either side of the Treehouse stage we built in January. We have a few projects we looking at for the May edition to further improve the infrastructure of the natural surroundings, with the ultimate aim to heighten the forest experience. We don’t give too much away prior to the event, but you will always be surprised by something new.

What do you place the most value on when producing an event? 

Above all else we value being different, creating a new experience in a unique environment is definitely what motivates us. We believe musical direction is very important too, we spend a considerable amount of time making sure we have a signature sound. We like to push the boundaries of the more groovy psychedelic sounds which complement the natural setting in which we host our parties.

Thanks for the interview, see you at The Woodlands 2018! Anything to add before we finish off?

We just want to say thank you for the incredible support thus far, every packed dancefloor inspires us to up our game even more. Stay wicked wildings.

12 May 2018 – See you in the forest.

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