Artist Interviews

Explore exclusive psytrance artist interviews for a glimpse into the minds behind the beats. Uncover the magic of psychedelic music with captivating behind-the-scenes stories.

Portal (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

Portal is Daniel Portal. He’s a young DJ with slick track selection and will be making his Cape Town outdoor debut this weekend at the Equinox Experience Outdoor 2012

Mad Maxx (USA) – Exclusive Interview

Max Peterson has been performing psytrance music under various aliases since 1998. It wasn’t until 2007, when the Californian born producer started his solo project, Mad Maxx, now with 20 years of experience under his belt.

Dave Mac (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

Dave Mac has been at the forefront and behind-the-scenes of not only the psy scene, but Cape Town’s music scene as a whole for over 20 years now. In July, Dave performed at Boom Festival in Portugal, arguably one of the biggest psytrance dance floors in the world.


Magik (UK) – Exclusive Interview

UK producer, Magik, is a quickly rising name on the Nano Records roster. After collaborating with the likes of Tristan and Dickster, Magik has built a solid following for his top notch psychedelic productions.

Circuit Breakers (Dickster, Burn in Noise) – Exclusive Interview

The Circuit Breakers project brings together two psychedelic trance legends from different sides of the globe; Dickster from the UK and Burn in Noise from Brasil. Since their first collaboration a decade ago, the friendship has grown to bring energy fueled, acid licking, party tunes straight out of the studio!


Ritmo (ISR) – Exclusive Interview

Ritmo is the solo project of Dubi Dagan. Once a metalhead, Dubi explored electronic genres, becoming fascinated with the sound of artists such as Depeche Mode, Jean Michel Jarre and The Prodigy.

Martian Arts (UK) – Exclusive Interview

Hey there, music enthusiasts and sonic adventurers! Today, we’re diving into an electrifying realm of sound with a true pioneer of psytrance vibes – none other than Martian Arts. But hold on, off the stage, we know him as Nectarios Meidanis. Hailing from the vibrant lands of Greece and currently

imagine mars psy

Imagine Mars (ISR) – Exclusive Interview

Imagine Mars is the solo psychedelic project of Oshry Ben Simon. A veteran of the psytrance scene, the producer from Tel Aviv, Israel has released on several labels including Nano, HOMmega, Yellow Sunshine, Iboga and his very own Sacred Technology.

dickson carin artescape

Carin Dickson from Artescape (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

Carin Dickson is the lady behind the name Artescape. Besides our local DJs and producers who’ve had an international break, Carin is a large contributor to the global trance scene, having worked with the majority of festivals on any trancer’s bucket list.


Sideform from Iboga Records – Exclusive Interview

Serbian duo Sideform made a bold move to remix Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus in 2013. The tasteful remix boosted their popularity, which lead to signing with TIP Records. We had a chat with Milos from Sideform, to speak about their upcoming tour and EP Vahana,