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imagine mars psy

Imagine Mars (ISR) – Exclusive Interview

Imagine Mars is the solo psychedelic project of Oshry Ben Simon. A veteran of the psytrance scene, the producer from Tel Aviv, Israel has released on several labels including Nano, HOMmega, Yellow Sunshine, Iboga and his very own Sacred Technology.

dj lucas

DJ Lucas (UK) – Exclusive Interview

UK psytrance veteran Lucas O’Brien will be making a quick return to South Africa for the four-day long Easter Vortex 2015 festivities.

dickson carin artescape

Carin Dickson from Artescape (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

Carin Dickson is the lady behind the name Artescape. Besides our local DJs and producers who’ve had an international break, Carin is a large contributor to the global trance scene, having worked with the majority of festivals on any trancer’s bucket list.


Berg from Israel – Exclusive Interview

During Shlomi’s time releasing under his solo alias Berg, he has been consolidating his own style based on the desire to mix different sounds that brought inspiration, being able to take it to a new level which gave him the opportunity to collaborate with different artists and release on labels like Spin Twist Record Blue Tunes Records.


Sideform from Iboga Records – Exclusive Interview

Serbian duo Sideform made a bold move to remix Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus in 2013. The tasteful remix boosted their popularity, which lead to signing with TIP Records. We had a chat with Milos from Sideform, to speak about their upcoming tour and EP Vahana,


Champa (UK) – Exclusive Interview

UK DJ and producer, Champa, will be making his first trip to the African continent in a few weeks, for the annual Mozamboogy held in Mozambique.

earthling interview

Earthling (UK) – Exclusive Interview

We had a chat with Earthling in-between Ozora & Boom, and ahead of his visit to Cape Town for the highly anticipated Alien Safari Sprung 2016.


Shameless from Mechanik Records – Exclusive Interview

The Israeli DJ and producer has been involved in the scene for more than a decade, sticking to his true love on psychedelic night time beats. In South Africa he’s built up quite a following, particularly thanks to his style and releases on prominent South African-based labels including Kaos Krew Records, Psy.ology, Timecode Records and soon MMD Records