Artist Interviews

Explore exclusive psytrance artist interviews for a glimpse into the minds behind the beats. Uncover the magic of psychedelic music with captivating behind-the-scenes stories.

Regan (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

Regan Tacon has been an important figure in the South African psytrance scene for nearly 2 decades, since starting out as a DJ in the early 1990’s. His passion and dedication to music extends to various avenues including a touring life, producing music, running Nano Records and organizing festivals like

Avalon from Nano Records – Exclusive Interview

Starting out alongside EVP under the alias Reality Grid, Leon began releasing as Avalon shortly after, working closely with Nano Records. He has also released alongside labelmate Tristan as Killerwatts, and alongside Sonic Species as Future Frequency.

Freedom Fighters (ISR) – Exclusive Interview

Freedom Fighters is the solo psychedelic project of Shahaf Efrat, an Israeli producer with over a decade of experience. Touring heavily for the last couple of years, Freedom Fighters took his rebellious sound to the next level, playing at major festivals around the globe.


Sadhu Sensi (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

Sadhu Sensi is the solo project of Andrew Winer. With a long history in the South African music scene, Andrew decided to focus on Sadhu Sensi in 2012. His sound can be described as an eclectic mix of organic and digital instruments, blended into a downtempo, ethnic grooving vibe.

Terrafractyl (AUS) – Exclusive Interview

Felix Fractal, aka Terrafractyl was raised on a diet of classical music, opera and jazz. Trained as a Bassoon player, he started his musical career playing for professional orchestras and opera companies around Australia.

Deliriant (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

Deliriant is Shane Renew, from Cape Town, South Africa. With a lifelong passion for music, over a decade of DJ and production experience, 3 full albums, a multitude of single releases on a host of local and international labels, and a career as a studio engineer – he is a

virtual light interview

Virtual Light (CAN) – Exclusive Interview

Canadian Virtual Light has been a DJ & producer since 1999, with a style that ranges from foresty and twilight trance to deep & uplifting Goa sounds with a signature mature complexity that’s ripe for a true psychedelic dance floor adventure.


Talpa (SRB)- Exclusive Interview

Talpa is Goran Juric. A Serbian native, Goran’s unique, groovy, melodic twist on psychedelic trance has been a prominent feature on the Cape Town dance floor over the years.


Nanoplex (UK) – Exclusive Interview

The UK project of Nanoplex was formed by two pioneers in the UK progressive techno scene, Ben Coda & DJ Ipcress. Together, their sound edges towards a psychedelic techno vibe, with a sophomore album Digitechture released last year on Iboga Records.

Hujaboy from TIP World – Exclusive Interview

It’s been four years since we’ve had Nir Shoshani on our shores, but that will change next Thursday night at Frost-Bite v4.0, when the Israeli artist returns to play a live Hujaboy set and showcase his new Psyprog project ESH

Headroom (RSA) – Exclusive Interview

It’s no doubt Headroom has become a dance floor favourite since releasing his debut album, Artelligent, on Nano Records in 2008. The last few years have seen Adam Metcalfe perform across the globe on a regular basis while maintaining his roots in Cape Town.

Earthling (UK) – Exclusive Interview Pt 2

The infamous UK based DJ & producer, Earthling returns to Cape Town for Alien Safari Sprung 2018 on 1 September to start off the season. Fresh from a massive European tour and loaded with a new album, we have no doubt Earthling will bring a little psychedelic thunder to Sprung 2018


D-Nox (GER) – Exclusive Interview

German born artist Christian Wedekind (D-Nox) is a veteran in the electronic music industry. Regularly performing alongside partner Beckers, the duo are known for the fusion elements.