Emlyn Emelen Photography

An Ifnotwhynot digital media production presents the Official Organik Gaian Dream 2012 Video:

In a wood between the worlds, far away from the busy city landscape lies the home of the Gaian Dream hosted by Organik Media. Friends flock to the gathering in throngs and stomp amongst one another in peace. The beats vibrate through the beautiful souls as the sun rises and sets over forests and lakes. People finally become one with the earth. The mud and grime stopped no one as the heavens opened and the party kept on and on. Take a look at what you missed, but don’t be sad, join the celebration of trance & earth next year.

Directed by: Dan Mace
Shot By: Mik Moltana, Dan Mace, Gareth Hendricks
Edited by: Gareth Kaatze, Tash Montlake and Dan Mace
Track: The Presets – Talk Talk (Broken Toy RMX)