Hysteria is William Langroudi – a young up-and-coming artist hailing from Cape Town. William grew up in the ‘valley’ – a place credited as the home of some of South Africa’s best producers. Recently William joined the Mungus Fungus team and will be releasing his second album entitled Maleficence on Terror Lab Industries soon. We decided to have a little chat in preparation for his set at Mungus Fungus presents Madness Returns tomorrow night. We hope to catch more of this slick producer throughout the winter and at a handful of outdoors next season!

– The following questions were compiled on behalf of Psymedia by Evan Greenblo.

Psymedia: Howzit William – to start off, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved in psytrance

Hysteria:  Whatsup man. Well, I went to my first party when I was 15 years old in 2005, I wasn’t into psytrance back then – I was lank into my hip hop, underground, rock, reggae, punk – you name it. I’ve always have had mad love for music. I had heard trance around, growing up in my teen years in Kommetjie, a small surfing village at the tip of Cape Town, where psytrance was surprisingly very big despite the small population. Even sitting in my suit on the beach, getting ready for a surf, you could hear distant kick bass hitting the atmosphere. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Kommetjie is in the now famous “valley” where many psytrance giants of today hail from like: Hiyarant, Frozen Ghost, Rubix Qube, Zion Linguist, and Lost & Found to name a few.

At first, I got dragged to one of Cape Town’s gargantuan psytrance parties when I was 15; by a few friends that wanted me to experience the magic myself. I had heard about it but didn’t realise how much it would soon become my life. So I was taken to New Year’s Eve Rezonance, a 3 day outdoor festival. Instantly, I was blown away by the experiences I had for those 3 days. The music spoke to me in ways I had never thought possible. From that day onwards I knew this was it for me, my new life.

Psymedia: I believe you’ve recently signed to the Mungus Fungus label. From an artist’s perspective, what are they able to offer you? What do you dig about playing at Mungus Fungus events?         

Hysteria:  I have indeed! Well I’ve played at their local venue, The Purple Turtle, a good few times. Every time I’ve performed there, I got better feedback from the dance floor. They are lank good guys, getting me all that beer and all (laugh). No but really, I have always got mad positive vibes from the Mungus Crew and the parties they throw. They are up and coming, faster than people know, but will soon see. Bringing down major titans like Painkiller, Tryambaka and Magneto. I can see their potential and they are very rapidly rising to become a big name in the psytrance industry. I believe we can help each other in many ways, and will become good friends along the way. I really dig jamming at their events because of the positive vibes, amazing feedback from my fans, the energy on that dance floor and the respect they show to the artists.

Psymedia: Next summer are you looking to play more outdoor parties? Is there any reason why we were only able to see you at a handful last season? Is it difficult to promote yourself to party organizers?

Hysteria: I am always looking to play at more outdoor parties! I have been trying and trying with mad effort to do so for the past 2 or 3 years man. It is unfortunately very difficult to get booked for the bigger parties. I’m not going to say much more than that as I don’t want to cause any bad vibes but I do believe very strongly that there should be more diversity in the lineups. The scene worldwide and the style here in Cape Town can’t evolve without opening up the boundaries to all of the local talent, and Cape Town has a massive amount of that!

People have asked me why I don’t play at any of the big parties and I don’t know what to say to that most of the time. It is mad difficult to promote yourself to organizers, to give props to them they are very picky when it comes to their lineups and I understand that fully. They simply want their parties to be the best they can be and to them the most psychedelic, through their eyes! Just maybe a little bit more of showcasing some local unrecognized talent. I always put all of my love and energy into every set I play, I simply am in my element and love every single second up there. All musical scenes started from unrecognized talent and evolved from there, every single musician started from somewhere, they just need one big break to show the dance floors the power of their music!

Psymedia: Do you have any plans to play outside South Africa?

Hysteria:  It is and always be my dream to travel the world with my music and play at parties all over the world, for all the beautiful, spiritually in tune people out there as well as experiencing all of their different psytrance cultures.

Psymedia: Your debut album entitled Cerebral Tales (Free Download) came out in 2010 and sometime this year you’ll release the follow up entitled Maleficence on Terror Lab Industries (Mexico). Do you have a release date yet? Tell me a little bit about what people can expect, and how your project has progressed since your debut.

Hysteria:  I do indeed, but I have been keeping it very quiet… it will be released on the 20th of July under Terror Lab Records! I can’t (for myself) compare my debut music and album to what this album entails. For me, my music has evolved in a huge way. I have learnt a lot within myself, which has helped me become a lot better in expressing my creativity, which is really what music and any art is about – expressing your own creativity. My obsession with trying different things in every track and using abstract techniques has helped a lot as well, I very much aim to be unique. I’ve been keeping all of my new tunes VERY underground on purpose (with a lot of discipline) for the sole reason that when Maleficence comes out, I want it to be unleashed onto the world, completely unheard!

Psymedia: Any shift in inspiration from then until now? Any local producers who influence you?

Hysteria: My inspiration mainly comes from life itself, nature, my view on the world and the way I see things. If you’ve heard any of my newer stuff you would hear all the messages I put into my music, those are the way I see things and a way of expressing them through my music. I have influences, mainly from my good friends – They are as, if not more talented than some of the producers out there now but have yet to be recognized. To mention some Influences: Glitch, Shadow Zone, Rubix Qube, Biorhythm, Tryambaka, Hiyarant, Deliriant, Brain Hunters, Ajja, Paralocks, Dirty Motion and any Terror Lab producer!

Psymedia: Your upcoming album will feature versus tracks with Biorhythm and Mr. Jack. Is this the first time you’ve worked with other artists? What’s the creative process like?

Hysteria:  It still sends amazing positive energy into me knowing that I am making tracks with them. Both of them are very talented, top notch producers. It is an honor to have the opportunity. I used to jam to Biorhythm when I was younger and I would never have dreamed I would be producing with them a few years down the line!

I have worked with other artists, mainly good friends: Glitch and Shadow Zone. It is a whole new ball game when you are in studio writing tracks together. When my friends and I made music, I was blown away by how differently it changes everything. It is not simply you, your style and technique vs. him and his technique; well it was not like that for me anyway. Your two styles mold together to form a completely new style- which massively differs to either of your solo music. The techniques you use evolve and you keep adding to each other’s thought processes, kind of like steering each other onto a new path, learning and adapting until it becomes a whole new brainchild.

Psymedia: Do you see yourself playing at parties for a couple years to come? Where do you think the scene is headed?

Hysteria:  I think I partially answered that in the last question. I hope so man!! My love for psytrance and making it is endless, there is no telling what will happen but I can tell you now that I will be making it for the rest of my life. That shit brings me the ultimate feeling of joy and creative being.

Your second question is a tough one… I think that at the moment the scene itself is very confused socially and musically. It’s almost like a war is starting between genres of psytrance. My views on it are this – I wish with my entire being that new comers to the scene (as awesome as they are) should just learn a bit more as to what it is all about. Sharing a consciousness with many like-minded, calm and peaceful people in nature’s best – with a giant rig slamming the psychedelia we all love. Having respected that Mother Nature and our amazing country allows us to have these experiences with good spirited people that come together to have some fun and throw around massive smiles. Tequila is always good, too!

Psymedia: What equipment do you produce your music on? Technically how have you evolved since your debut?

Hysteria: I have a child that I use mainly, his name is Virus – and he is very powerful! I add him to Cubase, an Akai mpk mini midi controller (recently) and my super hot monitors. I strongly believe a musician’s biggest weapon is between his ears – his mind. That is just my opinion

Hopefully the people who listen and watch my live sets can tell and I hope even more so after I release of Maleficence!

Psymedia: Thanks for the interview. Any last words?

Hystera: Thanks are all to you man! Definitely I just wanna say a MASSIVE thanks to my family and friends for all of the support they have shown me over the years, the crazy missions we’ve been through to get to my sets, the epic memories I will never forget and the inspiration and madly positive feedback they have been giving me since I started making music, love you guys. Also to each and every fan that has followed me through my journey and progress, on my page, and during my sets. I hope the rest of their year is KILLER. Thanks dude!


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