We’re back for our second interview with William Langroudi, also known as Hysteria. It’s been a radical journey for the Cape Town artist since our last talk in 2012 – a new label, a handful of releases, and his first international booking.

– The following questions were compiled on behalf of Psymedia by Evan Greenblo

Psymedia : Its been almost two years since we last spoke. Back then you already mentioned your sound has evolved. How has your sound further evolved in the past 2 years?

Hysteria : That’s a tough question. Where do I begin? My sound and direction have changed with every track since my Incipiens EP. Last year I went under some massive personal changes, and at the same time I made a huge breakthrough in my music, which are probably linked. Ever since then my music hasn’t stopped evolving, I love trying new things with each and every track, not limiting myself to boundaries or a certain “sound”. This year my sound has taken on quite an extreme, and almost unrecognisable evolution – and with that my passion and love for it. It’s become loads more about evolving my music and pushing the boundaries, and a lot less about going nuts at every party all season. Now I do that in my studio [laughs]

Psymedia : You recently signed to Spectral Records and released the EP Spectral Dreams. Why do you feel at home with Spectral Records?

Hysteria : This one is very easy. I grew up listening to and worshipping Spectral Records and the artists on this label, mainly Menog and Tryambaka. A lot of my memories of Psytrance and parties are painted with their music.  I listened to it everywhere I went, on the train, at school, in the car, at parties, at the beach, at home and would go nuts when their tracks came on at parties. Also invaded a good few (non-psy) parties, and got thrown out of a club for pestering the in-house 50 Cent-looking Rnb Dj with Psytrance CD’s (comprised of Spectral tracks). That was fun. I don’t think I have felt truly at home yet, as joining them is still a figment of my wildest dreams.. I can definitely say that my passion and love for making music has gotten exponentially stronger since signing to them.

Psymedia : Tell me a bit about the EP? I think the title speaks for itself? 

Hysteria : It most definitely speaks for itself, man. It represents the dream of one day joining this magic family of artists, and now it has come true!

Psymedia : What are your thoughts on the Cape Town crowd recently favouring day-time, prog beats?

Hysteria : Well I personally love progressive “trance”. It can be vastly more psychedelic than Psytrance. However, (cue controversial stares [laughs]) I believe the spirit of Psytrance festivals is to come together in nature, as equals – and go on a mind opening journey. As one family. The engine for that journey, is psychedelic music.  The prog genre has strayed recently. Artists are classifying their music within the Prog and Psytrance genre’s. The thing is that a large portion of it has no psychedelic properties. I am not bashing artists or genre’s here (My friends know that I can appreciate all music, and I am very open-minded). Simply put, if you make a genre – be proud of that genre and call it what it is .

Unfortunately this is killing parties for some of us that have been going for years. Even some of the night-time stuff has also lost its psychedelic properties. Psytrance is enchanting, beautiful, journey music. Not noisy angry music with voice samples filled with rage and killing, album covers with corpses and mangled woman on. Am I right in saying that is not what it’s about? Anyway this is just my opinion at the end of the day, but there has been a growing feeling of this among the scene – worldwide.

Psymedia : You’ve been confirmed for When Magic Happens II in Portugal alongside Synsun, Ex-Gen, Khopat, A-Mush and more. Do you have any other parties lined up overseas? What are you most excited about?

Hysteria : There has been other activity with regards to that, but I’d rather focus on When Magic Happens II, which is a definite. It’s my first international gig so it goes without saying that this is a huge milestone for me. With Spectral Records, Rezonance and this happening so close together I’ve been quite overwhelmed.  I am crazy excited! I’m amped to meet all the amazing people in Portugal that have supported me on my journey, to meet the friends I have made over there, see the beauty of Portugal and of course to blast the Portuguese, and twist some Hysteria into that soil!

Psymedia : You’ve got Vortex Parallel Universe lined up this weekend. What can the dance floor expect from your set?

Hysteria : Those who have followed my music won’t recognize my new stuff at all. To be honest, I always find it hard to speak about it without sounding like I am judging myself.  But I’ve been told very kind things by the few great people who have heard it. Some comments include ‘hypnotizing’, highly psychedelic, with enough space for your mind to explore and ‘you can hear it’s Hysteria, with a more mature and refined sound’. I personally think it can’t be compared to any of my older stuff.  I am super excited to perform at my first Vortex (after religiously rocking most of them over the past 7 years). I hope all of you have a powerful, magical journey – which I am honoured to be able to bring you. Make holes in the floor, spread good energy and have a blast with me!  Expect the unexpected.

Psymedia : Any upcoming releases you want to mention?

Hysteria :  Seems like the story of my musical life is having an excess of new material piled up [laughs]. Besides my new EP and V/A Releases like: Global Armys’ Science Of Music Vol II, Phonix Recs’ Pag Asa charity V/A, Woorpz Recs’ Power up Vol II, Ataxia Corp’s 7 Deadly Sins and a few others, I have been working meticulously on my full album behind the shadows for over a year – which I think will be my biggest masterpiece. I haven’t put any of it online or given it to anyone. But I have tested some of the tracks in my sets over this past season and the feedback has been absolutely mind-blowing. That’s been the main focus for me musically. I would like to add that it has truly been one of the hardest things for me to keep so much of my best music and evolutions to myself for so long. Many people think I am not producing as much because I am not uploading as much, but it is actually the opposite

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! See you at Vortex Parallel Universe! Anything to add before we finish off?

Hysteria : I have a few very interesting new projects coming up. I’ve been working on a very sneaky project which is also Psytrance, but in a different sub-genre (will be revealed soon). I am also planning on reforging my prog project, Imajin, as a pure Psychedelic – anything goes project, with a new name. So yea big things happening and I am stupidly amped for the future! Many thanks to you guys (not only) for this interview, but for capturing, broadcasting and recording all of the happenings in our ever-growing Psytrance scene – it most definitely isn’t easy, and you guys are doing it out of passion, belief and love. I have a lot of respect for that and will always support where I can. Much appreciation to you guys, and hope to check you at Vortex Parallel Universe!