Humerous is David Miller. Just before the turn of the millennium, David started attending psy parties and quickly felt the desire to move from Tequila-on-the-dance floor to Tequila-behind-the-decks. His high energy and passion for music has translated into sets with tons of progressive goodness coupled with a dash of fusion and techno.

Psymedia : Howzit David! How long have you been doing this DJ thing for? How did you decide on the name Humerous?

Humerous : Hey guys! I’m doing well. I’ve had a love for music since I was born and I dreamt about getting involved in DJing and music production since as far back as I can remember. I’ve been involved in the EDM scene since the old house days and started playing in… hmm.. a long time ago! The name Humerous came about with my mother, Lana. She is a very esoteric woman and advised me to base my based on Numerology. I chose Humerous because it brings money, stability and happiness.

Psymedia : You have a Sound Engineering Diploma through Cape Audio College. Do you feel formal training has helped you in any way?

Humerous : The formal training definitely helped and its only since completed my Diploma that I have been seriously pursuing DJing and producing. I was blessed to do so well at college and it gave me the confidence and a base of knowledge to pursue this path. My passion and dedication are the main drive behind me, but it helped me progress to where I am.

Psymedia : In your interview with Mr Cape Town two years ago, you mentioned wanting to release a compilation. Has anything come to fruition?

Humerous : It’s in the pipeline – stay tuned.

Psymedia : Do you think the more progressive, slower BPM tunes fan base has grown recently in Cape Town?

Humerous : Definitely! I started playing progressive around 2009. That feels so long ago, but it has absolutely grown. It’s a good sign for the future and what’s to come in EDM.

Psymedia : What’s the best way to differentiate yourself as a DJ and have fresh sets that get you noticed?

Humerous : I always bring my own personality into my music and mixes. I’m unique and I want to show that. I like to excite the dance floor and be actively involved in developing good relationships in the scene and with my peers.

Psymedia : You’ll be closing off this year’s Alien Safari’s Flying Circus 2012. What can the dance floor expect from your set? What artists might we hear in your DJ set?

Humerous : Expect the unexpected. It won’t be a surprise if I tell you!

Psymedia : You’ll return to Rezonance New Years Eve Festival once again, arguably one of the best New Years parties in Cape Town. What was the experience like last year, and do you pull out any extra tricks for an event like this? Was Rezonance one of your goals early on in your career?

Humerous : Good question. Rezonance New Years Eve Festival last year was truly surreal. It only hit me after I’d finished that I was part of such a huge, iconic event. It really dawned on me how far I had come.

Psymedia : You’ve played a fair amount of early night sets as well as day time rockers. Do you have a preference? Do your sets get altered, depending on the time of day or artists prior or after you?

Humerous : That’s a difficult one. I love to open big festivals but equally to close them. For me it’s all about having a good time and getting the chance to slip in a couple of unreleased tracks and in the future my own. I always think about the artists playing before and after me, as well as playing to the crowd. There is nothing better than seeing the dance floor go crazy during your set!

Psymedia : Are there any plans to give producing a go?

Humerous : I’ve already started producing, but when I’m ready you’ll hear all about it!

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! Any last words?

Humerous : Thanks for the interview and the interest. I intend on going from strength to strength from here on out and hope to see you on the dance floor! Kind regards, David Miller.