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How to promote your music online

For many independent DJs and producers, marketing yourself can be an awkward experience. Since most are deeply passionate about music and have both a personal and emotional connection, planning a music strategy might seem a bit inauthentic.

However, if you’re going to make a name for yourself and get booked for events, it’s important to stand out with both your music and promotion. There’s so many new artists and music released on the daily, you need to connect with fans who like your music.

Engage with fans on social media

One of the most obvious methods is to make use of social media and build a following. It’s become a lot harder, but you have to be on the most popular social media platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and perhaps Twitter. Not only will you be able to engage with social media, but you’ll be able to make yourself noticed in front of record labels, venue owners, booking agencies and more.

Start a live stream

With live events currently on hold, starting a live stream on your social media platforms can be highly beneficial in engaging with fans. It’s important to put on a high-quality stream with good audio and video, so invest in the right equipment. Make sure you promote the stream prior to going live so people are aware.

Instead of just streaming a live set, consider other ideas that might interest fans including a tutorial, a tour of your studio, personal experiences and more.

Consider simulcasting which will allow you to be live on platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitch all at once.

Create non-musical assets

It can take a lot of time if you’re doing it yourself, and might be costly to hire someone, but a memorable flyer, photo or video will make a lasting impact on the consumer. A strong visual narrative to go along with your music will help you standout.

Send your music to blogs and websites

First, start off with a compelling artist bio that will make them want to listen to your music. See if you can find the contact information for music and blogs that cover your genre of music. Write a personal email to each of them, and see who responds. You probably won’t hear from most of them, but a few might like your music.

Submit your music on Reddit

Reddit is a goldmine for finding avid music fans of every genre. It’s in the top 5 websites on the internet. Find a subreddit that’s relevant to you and ask for feedback. Some subreddits you can try include /r/musicpromotion, /r/shareyourmusic, /r/mymusic, /r/shamelessplug, /r/promoteyourmusic and /r/listentothis

Get added to playlists

Especially if you’re a producer, getting your tracks in playlists on websites like Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music can be highly beneficial in growing your fanbase. If you’re able to rack up enough streams, you’ll be able to also earn a small revenue.

Create and monetize your own artist website

While many artists will rely on social media to build their following, a good artist website is an essential part of building your career and reaching the right people. Social media platforms do help with less, but they are becoming less relevant each and every day.

With social media, you typically have to pay a fair amount in order to reach your fans. However, a website can help you reach new and existing fans for very little money.

Furthermore, you can monetize your website with an e-commerce store by selling music, videos, merchandise, exclusive material, tickets to events and more.

If you’re unsure of where to start with building a website, consider hiring a professional web designer who can assist.

Start a newsletter

Starting your own newsletter can be done for free (with the likes of Mailchimp) or very little. Everyone has email and receives notifications via their mobile phone. Build a mailing list with upcoming performances, new material, personal stories and more to connect with your fanbase.

Have a good electronic press kit

An electronic press kit is not crucial for reaching fans, but it’s important for people in the industry. Include your updated bio, music, photos, videos, tour dates, press coverage, links, and contact information.

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