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Healthy Coffee Guy CBD Coffee

Healthy Coffee Guy is a South African company that has a bunch of specialized coffees available including their Calm Coffee Blend, Mushroom Coffee Blend and Focus Coffee Blend.

Naturally, with the legalization of CBD oil, they have added a CBD-infused coffee to the range. We decided to give the Healthy Coffee Guy CBD coffee a go, every morning for 10 days. It works best in a filter coffee machine or plunger.

The Arabica coffee beans used in this blend are grown organically and sourced fairly from different regions around the world.

The blend provides a well-rounded flavour profile, that’s loved in general by most consumers. It’s definitely easy to drink and goes down well in the morning.

The beans are medium roasted in small batches and are directly infused using Ultimata Extract >99.9% Cannabidiol (CBD) that has been extracted from organic hemp in a GMP Certified facility in the USA.

Each 250g bag of premium specialty coffee contains roughly 25 servings per bag, with 10mg of CBD-infused coffee per cup. If you like your coffee stronger, or want more CBD, simply add a bit extra.

Coffee takes about 10 minutes to start working, and in under an hour your body will have processed most of the caffeine. CBD on the other hand, takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick in when ingested, and can last for several hours, so the two work together well.

Healthy Coffee Guy CBD Coffee can be purchased from their official website. Prices start at R300 for 250g of coffee.

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