Parvati Records was founded by DJ Giuseppe 13 years ago. He’s spent the last 25 years living in between Goa and Denmark, where Parvati Records is based. DJ Giuseppe‘s nomadic lifestyle has taken the unique Parvati sound to festivals such as Cosmo Festival (UK), Boom Festival (Portugal), Ozora Festival (Hungary) and Aurora Festival (Greece) among others just last year. Surprisingly, DJ Giuseppe has never played in South Africa, but that will change this weekend at Alien Safari’s Masqued Ball.

Psymedia : Hey Giuseppe. Your first encounter with Psytrance was in the late 80’s in Goa. What’s it like living in Goa for a number of months in the year? Have you seen ups and downs in the scene over there?

Giuseppe : I stay in Goa every year for about 5 to 6 months. I basically continue with my life (in Goa) as I do in Europe. I keep working on Parvati Records, and stay with my family in a very relaxed but also productive environment. Goa is the center of the Trance culture and what I value most here is meeting and connecting with people from all over the world.

Every season in Goa is different, and for sure it has its ups and downs. In the past two years we’ve seen a ‘Goa revival’ with lots of party people coming back, or coming for the first time and so right now we are definitely in an ‘up’ period. This season in Goa there are a lot of parties, so life here can be like a continuous festival!

Psymedia : You founded Parvati Records thirteen years ago. Why did you feel the need to start a label, and what kind of direction did you want to take it?

Giuseppe : I decided to start Parvati Records with the aim of creating a platform for underground producers who were not released by the record labels of that time, such as TIP, Flying Rhino and Matsuri Productions to name a few. The artistic direction that I wanted for my label was to produce twisted and psychedelic  music without being too experimental in order to be fully enjoyable for dancing!

Psymedia : How would you describe the sound of a typical Parvati Records artist? There’s clearly a dark, psychedelic sound. Do you think some psytrance artists have lost the psychedelic element?

Giuseppe : The sound of a typical Parvati artist is groovy, atmospheric and twisted. The sounds are organic and warm, with a good dose of feelings and last but not least with a strong drive! I think that the psychedelic element is lost when the music become predictable so here at Parvati we try not to lose the surprise factor in our productions!

Psymedia : One thing I noticed about Parvati‘s discography is that you guys release a lot of compilations. Was that something you were consciously trying to do? To feature many artists? I believe you also compile most of them. 

Giuseppe : Yes, I have compiled all of the Parvati compilations but two – seventeen of them. The reason why we do many compilations is that with a V/A it is possible to present what is new in the scene and since my musical taste is quite broad I can express it more completely that way. The choice of the tracks on all the Parvati compilations reflects my personal taste 100%.

Psymedia : And you released an Azax Syndrom album in 2003. 

Giuseppe : Yes. Well, I worked with Azax Syndrom at the start of his career. Actually, I kind of discovered him and his music in 2002, and decided to release his tunes. After we made the album Voices of Madness he was signed by 3D Visions Records and then our story together  ended.

Psymedia : Why did you decide to base the label out of Denmark? The only other record label I know from Denmark is Iboga Records. Is there a separation in the scene over there, even though the country is so small?

Giuseppe : Parvati Records is registered in Denmark where I live when I am not in Goa. I am based with the label in Aarhus, the second biggest town in Denmark, while Iboga Records is based in Copenhagen  Our styles are different and the scene is somehow separated as well as this happens in most countries. Nevertheless it sometimes happens that our scenes meet for  bigger parties.

 Psymedia : And the label just had its second digital release I believe?

Giuseppe : The Parvati CD catalogue has been available as downloads on the main digital music shops for the last 4 years. Since last autumn, we have a new homepage with downloads and this gives us the possibility to get our music directly to our fans and customers creating a more personal contact between us. From here the decision to start digital releases is to have more music-flow from the label and get them out to the scene only from our own platform.

Psymedia : I can’t believe in all this time you haven’t played in South Africa.

Giuseppe : Me too! I have heard only good things about South African parties: great locations, professional setups and beautiful party people. So I am looking forward to come and join one of your parties! Expect a power dance session!

Psymedia : Any upcoming Parvati Records releases you want to mention?

Giuseppe : We will continue with the digital EPs but also on the CD front we expect to release albums from Jahbo and Arjuna this year – two of the leading artists on the label.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview. See you at Masqued Ball! Anything to add before we finish off?

Giuseppe : Thank you as well and I am looking forward to arriving in Cape Town! Kisses from Goa.