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goodleaf launches monthly CBD subscription service

Goodleaf have recently launched a new CBD subscription service, ensuring the best deals on a regular basis.

Life today is full of new pressures, complexities and uncertainties – long term plans and dreams have taken a back seat and for many of us, we’re in a state of survival, trying to simply make each day better than the one before it.

This means we’re actively seeking ways to make ourselves better, adopting acts of self-care, routine and habit in search of emotional well-being – managing stress, being resilient and generating emotions that lead to good feelings.

Because when we feel good, we feel more connected, calm, secure, kind, compassionate, empathetic and confident. When we feel good, we’re simply better people. 

goodleaf helps people to cultivate positive emotional well-being in their lives by offering a premium range of CBD products that create harmony between mind and body.

CBD is taken consistently like a multivitamin which is why goodleaf, Africa’s leading CBD wellness brand, recently announced the launch of it new, first of its kind monthly subscription service called ‘good habits’ to encourage customers to start a good habit.

The new subscription-based offering features a customisable selection of premium goodleaf CBD products to suit your needs and that gets delivered directly to your door each month. 

Products that you can select from include goodleaf CBD Oil Drops, the CBD Vape Pens and the recently launched Water-Soluble CBD Sachets that can be added to your favourite drink

Each delivery will include a challenge card, encouraging customers to stick to a different lifestyle habit each month. In addition, gifts will be included every now and then to encourage and motivate you to stay on track. You will also receive free samples, early access to new products and invitations to goodleaf events.

A goodleaf subscription will help you streamline your monthly purchases and limit your environmental footprint by sending multiple products all at once, while keeping you accountable and motivated to cultivate a commitment to your emotional well-being.

The new good habits subscription service is currently available from the Goodleaf online store. Starting and maintaining good habits is easier than you think with your monthly goodleaf subscription!

cbd oil subscription goodleaf launches monthly CBD subscription service
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