Get paid £5000 to attend a music festival

Get paid £5000 to attend a music festival

Have you ever thought, “I wish I could get paid to go to festivals!” Well, a UK luxury concierge service is looking to fill the request of a millionaire. have posted an ad calling for music fans and festival goers to help a millionaire client have an authentic festival experience. For every festival you will pocket £5000.

The advertisement states: ‘The request comes from a millionaire who’s on the hunt for a festival concierge who can help him have the most authentic festival experience… but with his usual luxuries. The millionaire has never been to a festival and said he feels like he is missing out.’

The advertisement highlights some of the job features including ‘free admission to some of the best European festivals’, plus a casual £5,000 per festival. With European summer season in full swing, 5 festivals will mean a £25,000 (R435 000) payday.

You’ll probably need to find a great camping spot (if on-site accommodation isn’t provided), buy necessary camping supplies and festival gear, arrange VIP passes, shitty lumo sticks and take them across festival grounds.

If you are over 18, think you are an experienced festival attendee and have a passport, submit your application via

Who the hell is Hush Hush?

Taken from their website:

Headquartered in London, HushHush is the trusted go-to destination for luxury enthusiasts. Our luxury marketplace & VIP concierge service is made of affluent buyers and established luxury sellers around the world who are discerning and serious about luxury.

From supercars to luxury watches, handbags to rare antiques; on HushHush, you will discover one of the Internet’s largest collections of luxury products and experiences for sale from the finest luxury brands and dealers around the world, all in one trusted and convenient destination.

Aaron Harpin – Founder & CEO


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