Germany pledges €150 million (R2.85bn) to restart live music industry

Germany pledges €150 million (R2.85bn) to restart live music industry

The German government has pledged more than €150 million (R2.85bn) towards stimulating its live music industry, which forms part of a larger €1 billion (R19bn) plan to “restart” culture in the country.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the live entertainment industry has been hit hard. The German government has stepped in and come up with a 12-month “Neustart Kulture” programme, which translates to Restart Culture in English.

Local music venues, festivals, concert organisers and agents will all receive a portion of the €150 million in an effort to start booking talent again and stimulate culture in the country.

Additionally, funding has been provided for the following sectors:

  • Theatre and dance will receive €150 million
  • Cinemas and film sector will receive €120 million
  • Radio broadcasters will receive €20 million
  • Galleries, book publishers and other “socio-cultural centres” will receive €30m

Furthermore, a whopping €450m (R8.5bn) is being made available so that cultural institutions are ready to open again to the public. This includes improved hygiene concepts, paper-free ticketing services and improved ventilation systems in venues.

“With an additional one billion euros, we support the restart of cultural life in Germany and set the course for the future.”

Minister of Culture Monika Grütters

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