Future Frequency is the Progressive Trance project of Avalon and Sonic Species. The duo made their debut at Ozora Festival, but for two successful solo artists like Leon & Joe, it was a breeze. We begin the interview a decade ago, when the two met each other at an illegal rave.

Psymedia : Hi Leon and Joe! How did the two of you meet?

Leon : We met on the dance floor back in mid 2005 in the UK, at an illegal rave in the forest. The rest is history!

Joe : We actually met many years ago in a classic UK party City called Brighton, where we both lived, worked and well, partied.  We got together to do a track for the debut Avalon album and that hit Beatport at number 1 so we decided to also do another versus track for the Sonic Species album.  After these 2 tracks it was clear to us that our sounds merged well together and whilst at the UK’s Glade Festival a couple of years ago we decided to make a kicking slower BPM project together.  In the midst of an epic party session in the most ultimate UK electronic music festival, Future Frequency was born!

Psymedia : Tell me about the new EP entitled Transmission, out soon on Nano Records. I recall back in 2013 you were working on a full length. What happened to that? Are the tracks on Transmission from the 2013 sessions?

Leon : Transmission actually just came about recently. We have been saving our tracks for the album, half way there now. Future Frequency was originally just me, the idea was it was the progressive alias of Avalon. The first track I made with Zen Mechanics, naked stoned exalted was a big hit. After that me and Joe connected and I invited him to join the project. I thought the combination of the two styles would really create something special and the fact we are good friends and live together felt it’s just meant to be!

Joe : The Transmission EP was technically started when we were both in Goa for a month in Jan 2013…it was there that we started our remix of Dickster‘s classic track Dizzy Drops.  Since then and now we have been developing our sound and working on various tracks including the original track on the EP – Transmission.  This EP captures the core sound of Future Frequency at its inception as well as giving a taste of future sonic developments within the project.  We are thrilled that it’s finally out and even more excited about what the future will hold musically.


Psymedia : Do you think being from the UK and having different influences has allowed you to create a unique sound with Future Frequency? When you guys announced the project were you scared of being labeled ‘full on turned progressive’ producers?

Leon : I like to call it Psychedelic Progressive. I think what gives us the edge is coming from our full on trance background. It gives the project that extra edge and different/vibe and sound to other projects. UK underground progressive with a twist!

Joe : UK is the archetypal party place…we’ve been having raves since the stone age, so its kind of part of our heritage and culture.  Underground outdoor parties in the UK have been a massive source of inspiration for us both for Future Frequency and originally for our solo projects.  The other main source of inspiration for our new sound is touring together and experiencing quality dance floors across the planet and being inside those magic party moments when time seems to stop still.  We are creating a hybrid sound that is progressive BPM but with slamming beats and epic riffs.  If anything I think our music will get even more kicking as we experiment with lower BPMs.

Psymedia : It seems like the daytime full on sound is making a comeback in South Africa [after a huge prog influx]. Is there a similar feeling abroad?

Leon : That’s good to hear, did it die then? [Laughs] Well, I have heard it’s turned into a progressive scene. The great thing about Avalon is it has a range of 138-146. So I can take the journey anywhere the dance floor wants. Abroad the word on the street is prog is on the way out and full on is making the big comeback. But to be honest, I doubt it’s on the way out. But I really can see full on is making a huge comeback worldwide, the global dance floors have been responding to it massively in the last year.

Joe : From my experience over the last couple of years touring, some of the most ultimate dance floor moments have taken place with heavy hitting positive full on trance.  Nano, Alchemy, and others are pushing this sound as always and from what I can see globally, we seem to be moving into a golden age of full power trance once again.

Psymedia : Were there any standout moments for you in 2014, whether it was personal or related to your career?

Leon : Playing the last day sunset slot at Boom Festival 2014. It’s the Mothership of all festivals. I worked my whole career to earn the honour to play that set. Doesn’t get any bigger gig then that in this scene, one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Words can not describe how it made me feel.

Joe : Playing Boom Festival 2014 on the final afternoon in a row with all my friends, Avalon, Tristan, Zen Mechanics, Burn in Noise, Zentura, KIN and Shane Gobi was the best moment of my career and actually my life.  I believe that I had been building to that moment for over a decade and it just felt so natural and so right to play that slot, that year with that crowd.  I couldn’t have imagined a better party moment to play.  There was some serious love in the air that day. Epic!

Psymedia : Why are you excited to be back in Cape Town?

Leon : Why? Because Origin Festival is one of the best festivals in the world and I have been to a few!

Joe : I haven’t been here for a year now… my last gig was Rezonance NYE Festival, which was totally awesome.  I hear Origin is one of the best Festivals in Cape Town so it’s my pleasure to finally perform.  The Nano Records crew has always been a major source of inspiration to me musically as well as amazing friends and colleagues, so I can’t wait to blast it at Origin – the Nano Mothership.  Also, you guys seriously know how to party so I’m looking forward to getting down to it and having a serious session.

Psymedia : Thanks for the interview! Anything to add before we finish off?

Leon : See you on the dance floor Cape Towners! Always one of my favourite crews to party with!

Joe : You have a thriving Trance scene and electronic music in general seems to be blossoming over in South Africa.  It’s amazing to see and I just wanna say keep up those party vibes, keep dancing and keep smiling!