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Goodleaf launches functional mushroom brand

Psyence Group Inc, a life science biotechnology company pioneering the use of natural psychedelics in mental health and well-being, is pleased to announce the commencement of online sales and distribution of its premium range of functional mushroom products, GOODMIND™.

The GOODMIND™ formulas harness the power of adaptogens; non-toxic, non-psychoactive fungi, used for centuries in traditional medicine for their stress-relieving benefits. GOODMIND™ is designed to nourish the mind and elevate everyday life by enhancing mental capacity and the body’s ability to adapt to stress.

Psyence has partnered with Goodleaf, a leading wellness and lifestyle brand with a premium range of products infused with African botanicals. Their products exist to enhance emotional wellbeing through inspiring acts of self-care, routine and habit that can enhance quality of life, every day.

Functional mushrooms

Goodleaf has demonstrated great competence in launching new consumer goods in an emerging industry. Psyence is experienced in product development, scientific research, procurement, manufacturing, and logistics. Both companies intend to leverage their knowledge and experience in the nutraceutical and supplement industry to create class-leading products in the functional mushroom space.

Neil Maresky, Chief Executive Officer, Psyence Group Inc. says: “We are delighted that our first nutraceutical product, GOODMIND™, is now available for sale online in South Africa. This is an important milestone for Psyence as we look to grow our over-the-counter nutraceutical wellness collection. Goodleaf has a proven track record of successfully launching and distributing high-quality products and we believe they are an excellent partner to successfully launch GOODMIND™ in this growing market.”

Our experience in developing and launching new consumer products will be invaluable as we make headway in the functional mushroom space. There is no doubt that there is a growing demand for wellness products, and we are extremely excited to collaborate with Psyence, as we launch GOODMIND™ and bring a range of functional mushroom products to market,” says Warren Schewitz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Goodleaf.

For more information please visit the functional mushrooms page.

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