Free night accommodation with

Free night accommodation with

Are you ready to take a vacation? No matter if you’re looking for domestic or international travel, is the newest way to book your accommodation.

We have partnered with them to offer our readers $25 USD offer your first booking. Sound good? Simply CLICK THIS LINK to register your account and get started.

What is Travala? is a platform which allows you to book at over 2 million hotels, bed and breakfasts and private houses across the globe in more than 230 countries.

It’s similar to competitors such as and, however its built on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, allowing Travala to make travel less expensive and more secure. Plus, there’s a nifty loyalty rewards program integrated in the website.

How to claim free Travala credit

If you’re a first time user of Travala – CLICK THIS LINK!

Following the link will create a new account and apply $25 USD credit for your first accommodation booking. Once you’ve setup an account, start inviting friends so you can get rewarded with free credit too!

What payment methods does Travala accept?

Travala is cryptcurrency friendly travel booking, with dozens of different payment options accepted including Credit Card, Bitcoin, PayPal, AVA, BNB, NEO, LTC, ETH, DASH, Nano and more.

Mila Riley

Mila is a German writer who has spent the past few years traveling the globe recording her experiences with pen and paper. Along the way she's also attended many festivals, cultural experiences, foods and more. While Mila isn't traveling right now due to the pandemic, she's gearing up for her next big trip in 2021 again!